Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mamak Asian Street Food - Orlando

Last night, we had dinner at Mamak Asian Street Food on Colonial Drive in Orlando's Mills 50 District.  There is parking available behind the restaurant, and they have a back entrance.

 I found Mamak using the Find Me Gluten Free app, and one review mentioned a gluten free menu, which is rare for Asian restaurants in Orlando's Little Vietnam district.

The gluten free options are limited at Mamak, but I was excited to see that they make Yangzhou Fried Rice, a traditional Chinese fried rice prepared without soy sauce,

Yangzhou fried rice is made with shrimp, BBQ pork, eggs, onions and scallions.  I have had similar dishes at other Asian restaurants, and found that I prefer fried rice made without soy sauce.  The dish was nicely seasoned, and had a good amount of shrimp and pork.  I liked it so much, I would definitely order it again the next time we dine at Mamak.

My husband and daughters shared an order of edamame, which can be made gluten free without sesame oil.

The restaurant is beautiful, their prices are very reasonable, and all four of us really enjoyed our food at Mamak Asian Street Food.

I did not ask about gluten free dessert options, because we wanted to have dessert at Bubbles and Ice, which is just a few blocks away on Mills.  Their mango snow topped with mango and sweetened condensed milk is one of my favorite desserts in Orlando.

You can read more about Mamak Asian Street Food, and view their menu and hours on their website here.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Mamak Asian Street Food?


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