Friday, February 26, 2016

Gluuteny Bakery - Pittsburgh

Gluuteny Bakery in Pittsburgh is one of my favorite gluten free bakeries in the United States.  I have been enjoying baked goods from Gluuteny on all of our trips to our hometown since my celiac diagnosis eight years ago.  We always stay with my aunt and uncle when we are in Pittsburgh, and lucky for me, Gluuteny is just a few blocks away from where they live in Squirrel Hill.

Gluuteny is a dedicated gluten free and dairy free bakery.  They ship their dry mixes and a variety of fresh baked goods, which you can view here.

On our trip to Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving break, we got to enjoy some of Gluuteny's seasonal items.  Their pumpkin cookies were super moist, and full of flavor from all my favorite fall spices.

We also bought apple streusel and pumpkin tarts.  The next time I go to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, there is no reason to bake pies, because these little tarts from Gluuteny are so good.  We loved the apple streusel, and I even liked the pumpkin tart, which surprised me, because the only pumpkin pie I have ever liked is my cream cheese pumpkin pie.

The tarts were not overly sweet, and the crust was very good.

Every time I visit Gluuteny Bakery, I have to get one of their amazing sugar cookies.  I usually buy their special decorated cookies, which vary, depending on the time of the year.

Over Thanksgiving break, we bought sugar cookies decorated like pumpkins.  

Last summer, we bought beach themed and Pittsburgh Pirates cookies.

These soft sugar cookies are also available with a creamy vanilla or chocolate swirl frosting, with or without sprinkles.  They are definitely the best sugar cookies I have had since my celiac diagnosis.

Gluuteny's sugar cookies remind me of the gluten-filled Smiley cookies from Eat'n Park I used to love pre-celiac.  Next Valentine's Day, I already know what I want my husband to buy me - special decorated sugar cookies from Gluuteny.  You can view them on Instagram.  

You can read more about Gluuteny Bakery on their website here.  

What are your favorite baked goods from Gluuteny?  


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