Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Landscape of Flavors Breakfast - Disney's Art of Animation Resort

This morning, my daughters and I had breakfast at Landscape of Flavors, a quick service restaurant at Disney's Art of Animation Resort.

I love the theming of this resort, especially the lobby, which is full of artwork from Finding Nemo, Cars, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King.  

This morning, I was given an allergy-friendly breakfast menu by a cast member when I asked about gluten free options, then she went to go get a chef.  I was excited to see Chef Tony, who helped me on my previous visit to Landscape of Flavors for breakfast, which you can read about here.  

The waffles at Landscape of Flavors are featured in my blog post about the best gluten free waffles at Disney World, so my decision on what to order this morning was easy.  

On my last visit, I had Flounder and Ariel waffles, but this time, my waffles were Cars themed.  They tasted great, and were perfectly crispy, just like the first time I tried them.  I ate some bites with syrup and some with strawberries on top, and enjoyed them both ways.  My sausage was also delicious, especially when I dipped it in syrup.  

My daughters also ordered gluten free character waffles with fruit and bacon, which was substituted for the turkey bacon listed on the Kids' Menu.  

They each had two Flounder waffles, which they really enjoyed.  

Gluten free options on the allergy-friendly breakfast menu include the french toast or pancake bounty platter, french toast, breakfast platter, character waffles, create-your-own yogurt parfait, create-your-own fruit bowl, egg white frittata, create-your-own omelet, breakfast sandwich, pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, chicken burger, and the steak and egg burger.  

Gluten free options on the allergy-friendly kids' breakfast menu include an egg white omelet, chicken burger, oatmeal (make sure they use certified gluten free oats), create-your-own omelet, character waffles, pancakes, breakfast platter, and french toast.  

I am looking forward to going back to Disney's Art of Animation Resort again soon to check out the options on their allergy-friendly menus for lunch and dinner.

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Landscape of Flavors?  


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