Thursday, July 23, 2015

Contempo Cafe Gluten Free Cupcakes

Earlier today, my daughters and I had dessert at Contempo Cafe after having lunch at The Wave...of American Flavors.

Contempo Cafe is a quick service restaurant at Disney's Contemporary Resort.  Earlier this year, I learned from a blog reader that they have gluten free cupcakes, so we thought today would be the perfect day to check them out.  

We bypassed the touch screen kiosks where guests order food, and asked a cast member at the pick up area if we could order some gluten free cupcakes.  While we were waiting to speak to a manager, I took some pictures of Contempo Cafe's current gluten free and allergy-friendly menus.  

Oddly enough, the cupcakes are not mentioned on the gluten free lunch and dinner menu.  

No mention of gluten free cupcakes on the Kids' gluten/wheat allergy-friendly menu either.  

The manager told us that we could choose vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with white frosting.  We all picked chocolate of course.  I thought the cupcakes were adorable, though our frosting got messed up a bit by the lid they put on our plate.  

The cupcakes were a bit dense and bordered on being dry, but overall, I thought they were pretty good.  Usually, I remove a lot of the frosting from cupcakes, because they tend to have too much of it, and I find most frostings to be too sweet, but the cupcakes at Contempo Cafe had the perfect balance of frosting and cake.  The Mickey colored sprinkles on top were a nice finishing touch for the cupcakes.  Usually my daughters complain about sprinkles, but they must have enjoyed them, because they didn't say a word.  

Contempo Cafe has other gluten free desserts, like soft serve and prepackaged cookies and brownies, which you can read about in my lunch review.  It is rare though, to find a dessert like these cupcakes at a quick service restaurant.  They are also available next door at Chef Mickey's.  If you are at the Magic Kingdom, you could ride the monorail over to the Contemporary Resort for some gluten free cupcakes.

Here's a picture of Contempo Cafe's gluten/wheat allergy-friendly breakfast menu.

They also have an allergy-friendly breakfast menu for people with allergies to milk, egg, soy, peanut/tree nut, and fish/shellfish.

August 4, 2015 Update

After having breakfast at the The Wave and doing some early Christmas shopping at the Magic Kingdom, we stopped at Contempo Cafe for a cupcake before we headed home.  This time, we decided to give the vanilla a try.

My daughters and I agreed that we weren't too fond of the vanilla, which was very dense, and tasted more like a muffin with frosting than a cupcake.  We will definitely be sticking with the chocolate cupcakes on future visits.  I did find out today that the gluten free cupcakes are also vegan, so they are safe for people with egg and dairy allergies.  When I eat at Chef Mickey's next week, I will ask if they are soy and nut free as well.

You can read more about Contempo Cafe on Disney's website here.

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Contempo Cafe?  


  1. Did anyone learn where these are made and with what mix/ingredients? -Amanda Y.