Thursday, September 18, 2014

Starbucks - Magic Kingdom

Starbucks currently has four locations at Disney World.  The stores are located in the Magic Kingdom on Main Street U.S.A., in Epcot in Future World, and at Downtown Disney on the West Side, and in front of the World of Disney store at the Marketplace.  A Starbucks, called The Trolley Car Cafe, will open on Hollywood Boulevard in Disney's Hollywood Studios in February 2015.  

Last summer, the Main Street Bakery became the first Starbucks location at the Walt Disney World Resort.  If you are looking for a list of what is safe to drink at Starbucks, check out The Celiac Diva's blog post about gluten free beverages at Starbucks here.  You might also want to read "What Starbucks products are gluten-free?here.  

The Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom has the certified gluten free La Boulange Marshmallow Dream Bar, which is just as good as the gluten free Rice Krispies treats I make at home.  It does contain dairy, and has a warning that it is manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts/nuts. 

Other gluten free options include fresh fruit, but I did not see the flourless chewy chocolate cookies that come in a package with gluten free labeling, which I have been searching for all summer.  

None of the Disney Parks Rice Krispies Treats are gluten free, so it's nice to have a safe option with the Marshmallow Dream Bar at Starbucks. 

Don't let the ingredients list fool you on the Rice Krispies Treats at Disney.  They contain no warning about wheat, because they don't contain wheat.  What they do contain is malt (aka barley malt), which is not gluten free.  Gluten Free Rice Krispies do not contain this ingredient.  Unfortunately, none of the Disney Parks Rice Krispies Treats are made with Rice Krispies Gluten Free Cereal.

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, you can use your snack credits at Starbucks.


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