Monday, June 2, 2014

Chowning's Tavern - Colonial Williamsburg

We couldn't visit Colonial Williamsburg without eating in one of the colonial taverns.  Josiah Chowning's Tavern is conveniently located in the center of town on Duke of Gloucester Street.  I have eaten at all of the taverns on previous visits to Colonial Williamsburg, but this was my first experience dining in one since being diagnosed with celiac, and I wasn't really sure what to expect.  

When you enter Chowning's Tavern, you feel like you are stepping back in time.  

Every last detail, from the tables, to the chairs, to the candles, to the dress of your server make you feel like you are in colonial times.  We especially enjoyed the fiddle player that visited our room as we dined.

When I made my reservation, I was asked if anyone in our party had any food allergies before I could even ask about gluten free selections.  When I said that I could not eat gluten, I was told that this would not be a problem, and that it was a frequent request.  

Our server easily named all the gluten free options on the menu.  I ended up choosing the tasting of soups after being told that all of the soups were gluten free.  I enjoyed the Brunswick Stew, the roasted corn chowder, and the white bean & kale soup.  My favorite was probably the roasted corn chowder with leeks, golden potatoes, and Virginia ham dust.  For dinner, my daughters both ordered a bowl of the white bean & kale soup, which is made with sausage, leeks, and carrots simmered in chicken broth.  They both really enjoyed it, and their large bowls of soup disappeared quickly.  The Brunswick Stew, made with chicken and fresh garden vegetables was very tasty too, but I was a little sad I couldn't enjoy it with a corn muffin like my husband.  I might just have to make it at home soon with some corn bread.  I have the recipe for Brunswick Stew in my Colonial Williamsburg cookbook.  

Our server told me that all of the trenchers were either gluten free or could be easily modified to be gluten free.  I chose the barbeque chicken trencher with house-made barbeque sauce and a side of potato chips.  

I was so excited to see that the potato chips were made in house.  There is nothing better than freshly made potato chips!  I also enjoyed the house-made barbeque sauce, which had a little vinegary kick.  I was really impressed by how much food I was given on this plate for $12.  The other taverns can be really pricey, but Chowning's is still pretty reasonable.  

The only gluten free dessert they could offer me was fresh strawberries, which I passed on.  Overall, I was really pleased with our meal at Chowning's Tavern.  I had three soups, two salads, four trenchers, and white bean dip to choose from.  The atmosphere cannot be beat, and the service and food were really good.  

Chowning's Tavern is open for both lunch and dinner.  You can view their hours, address, menu, and the phone number to make reservations, on Colonial Williamsburg's website here.  

Have you ever eaten at any of the Colonial taverns in Williamsburg? 


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