Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cafe 906 French Bistro

My husband's wish for Father's Day was to have a relaxing stay at home kind of day after we went to church.  By 2:00, we were all bored, and decided to pay Cafe 906 French Bistro a visit.  

Cafe 906 used to be located in Winter Park, but recently moved to New Broad Street in Baldwin Park, across from Orlando Metro Gymnastics.  We had no plans to eat there today, but were on a scouting mission to check out the newest restaurant in our neighborhood.  

As soon as we entered Cafe 906, my daughters spotted the gluten free option on the board, the Chocobon.  

Here it is in the case, segregated on a top shelf, all by itself, to avoid cross contamination.  The owner told me that he makes gluten free baked goods first thing in the morning before anything with gluten is made.  I liked that he knew what Celiac disease was, and had a really good understanding of the dangers of cross contamination.  

Even though we had already eaten a big lunch, and had a raspberry crostata planned for dessert, I had to buy one.  My plan was to eat it tomorrow.  More on that later!  :-)

Both of the soups of the day were free of gluten, and I was offered a sample of the sweet potato, curry and coconut milk soup to taste.  I really enjoyed it!  

Other gluten free options include omelets or the salad du jour.  

Cafe 906 has a nice drink selection, and a good amount of indoor and outdoor seating that you can sit and relax for a while.  

My gluten free Chocobon made it home, but was quickly split in four and sampled.  

We all agreed that it was amazing!  It was super moist inside, with just the right amount of chocolate taste for this chocolate lover.  I could eat a Chocobon every day.  Maybe it's not a good thing that Cafe 906 is a short walk from my house!  :-)

Cafe 906 French Bistro makes their Chocobons with almond flour.  I got the impression that they are not available every day, so you might want to call ahead before you go.  Hopefully there will be enough demand for them in the future that they are available daily.

Your can visit Cafe 906's Facebook page here.

June 19, 2014 Update

My daughters and I went to Cafe 906 for breakfast yesterday.  My girls enjoyed chocolate croissants while I ate a gluten free Chocobon.  I had forgotten how wonderfully buttery they are!  We brought one home to share as a lunch treat as well.  We will definitely be going back soon.

Have you ever visited Cafe 906 at their old location in Winter Park, or at their new store in Baldwin Park?


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