Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Orchid Thai Cuisine

We love everything about Winter Park, especially all the great restaurants.  Last night, we dined at Orchid Thai Cuisine, a restaurant we first tried earlier this year.  We liked it so much, we went back on a weekly basis until summer hit, when we started cooking at home more and traveling a lot.  In the window of their restaurant, which is located on Park Avenue, you can view their gluten free choices. 

Once inside, I was given a gluten free menu.  I love that there is so much to choose from!  

My favorite dish last night was the Short Ribs in Massaman -- tender braised beef short ribs in massaman curry, a sweeter curry with hints of roasted peanuts, sauteed with potatoes, onion, and bell peppers.  It was so incredibly delicious!  The ribs were tender, and perfectly complemented by the sauce and vegetables. 

We also ordered our usual favorite -- Massaman Curry with chicken.  This dish is always consistently good! 

My daughter Katie loves another gluten free choice -- the Pad Thai.  She's not a fan of the bean sprouts or scallions, so those were left off her dish. 

This photo is a picture from a previous visit of the Massaman Curry with chicken.  It's a much clearer shot because there was still some daylight.  

Orchid Thai Cuisine does not have any gluten free dessert options, which is no big deal for me, because it's a block away from Le Macaron, where I can get my favorite caramel salted butter macarons.

All of the macarons at Le Macaron are gluten free, with no preservatives or artificial flavors.  They are not macaroons, cookies with lots of coconut.  Macarons are French confections created from ground almonds and soft meringue.  They are slightly crispy on the outside, and have delicious creamy centers.  Another favorite of mine is the pistachio. 

If you love Thai food, you should definitely check out Orchid Thai Cuisine in Winter Park.  In good weather, we love to dine outside.  This is a great time of the year for it because of all the beautiful Christmas lights that have been strung in the trees down Park Avenue. 

April 28, 2014 Update

Today, my friend Shelley and I met for lunch at Orchid.  The salad that came with our lunches was so good.  I could eat the house peanut dressing every day!  

We split an order of the summer rolls, which were served with peanut sauce.  I found myself wishing that they had some type of meat or shrimp inside them, but they were very good.  

For my main dish, I ordered the praram chicken, which is chicken marinated in coconut milk and thai spices on a bed of steamed spinach, topped with the house peanut dressing.  

I enjoyed this dish, but had to ask for more of the amazing house peanut dressing.  It was great on my rice too!

Gluten Free Options

Small Plates -- summer rolls, beef jerky & sticky rice

Soup & Salad -- lemongrass soup, thai coconut soup, orchid salad, grilled beef salad, papaya salad, nam sod, larb salad

Noodles -- pad woonsen, pad thai

Rice -- praram chicken, ginger chicken, thai basil fried rice, short ribs in massaman

Curry & Rice -- massaman curry, red curry, green curry, panang curry (all available with vegetables, tofu, chicken, pork, shrimp, beef, jumbo lump crab, tilapia, soft-shell crab, scallops, or duck)

September 14, 2014 Update

Friday night, I had dinner at Orchid Thai with my daughters.  On this visit, I ordered the massaman curry with shrimp.  I loved the dish, but I wish the tails had been removed from the shrimp.

September 29, 2014 Update

Last night, I ordered myself takeout from Orchid Thai, and took it down to BurgerFi, where my family was eating dinner for a school event.  I decided to try the Thai Basil Fried Rice with chicken.  It was completely different than any fried rice I have ever had, but I really enjoyed it, and so did my daughter Emma, who ate what I had left in my bowl after finishing her burger.  Portion-wise, it was huge, and it definitely tasted like basil, my favorite herb.  I love that the server who helped me told me that he triple checked with the kitchen to make sure I was getting the gluten free version of this meal.    

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Orchid Thai Cuisine?


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