Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine -- Winter Park

What's not to love about Winter Park?  It's beautiful, they have a great park and shops, and best of all, they have some amazing restaurants with an array of gluten free choices.  We started dining at Bosphorous shortly after moving to Baldwin Park in 2009.  They do not have a gluten free menu, but their servers are incredibly knowledgeable about their gluten free choices, and when they are not sure of something, they are always willing to ask a chef. 

The hummus is amazing, and my gluten eaters love to order the lavas (hollow bread) to go with it. 

I like to eat my hummus with my main course.  It's great with my lamb adana and vegetables.  Bosphorous' menu describes the Grilled Lamb Adana Kebab as a mouth watering creation of freshly ground lamb flavored with bell peppers, light hot peppers, slightly seasoned, then expertly char-grilled.  It is amazing!  For lunch, you get one kebab, for dinner, you will get two.  Make sure to tell your server that you cannot eat gluten so they do not include the rice with this dish.  It has little bits of pasta in it. 

My entire family loves both the chicken and lamb adana.  In this picture, you see one of each kebab, and the marinated cabbage, onions, and carrots it is served with. 

Bosphorous has many gluten free choices, like their sis and adana kebabs, on their lunch and dinner menus, which you can view here.  The next time I visit, I will write down some of their other gluten free menu items and update this blog post.  At our local Costco, you can buy gift cards for Bosphorous at reduced prices.  Bosphorous might be my favorite restaurant in Winter Park.  My extended family and friends love it too, and ask to go there when they are in town.  Bosphorous has a second restaurant on Dr. Phillips Boulevard.  It's a great location to visit if you are staying at the theme parks or live in that area of Orlando. 

March 28, 2014 Update -- We went to Bosphorous today for lunch, and I finally got to meet Felicia, one of my blog readers.  Felicia has celiac, and happens to be a server at Bosphorous.  I asked her about some of the other gluten free options on the menu.

Gluten Free Appetizers -- cold cucumber dip, sauteed eggplant, babaganoush, ezme, humus, tarama, haydari, the feta plate, and stuffed grape leaves.

Gluten Free Specialties & Entrees -- chicken & lamb adana (minus the rice), stuffed cabbage, shrimp casserole (minus the rice; recommended by Felicia), lamb shank (minus the rice), doner kebab (minus the rice), and the beef tenderloin, chicken & lamb sis kebab (minus the rice).

Gluten Free Desserts -- pistachio ice cream, turkish coffee chocolate mousse, and the rice pudding served with pistachios.

I am sure there are more gluten free entrees, but these are the dishes Felicia and I talked about today.  Be sure to ask for her when you stop in!  It's great to have a server that understands Celiac and will be double checking that your food is taken care of the right way.

Today, I ordered the Doner Kebab, which is tender lamb, vertically broiled and thinly sliced.  The Lamb Adana and Doner Kebab are definitely my favorite dishes at Bosphorous.  I can't wait to try the rice pudding and the chocolate mousse the next time we stop in.

You can view Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine's website and menu here.  


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