Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Find Me Gluten Free App

I am a huge fan of the Find Me Gluten Free App.   It's a free app for iPhone and Android.  You can also search for restaurants with gluten free options on their website here.

I even added it to my iPad this morning.  When I searched to see what's around me, the first restaurant on the list is the Five Guys in my neighborhood.  Five Guys is the restaurant we eat at most often in Baldwin Park, though we seldom go anymore, now that I am not teaching.  They do not offer a gluten free bun, but their hamburgers are very good, and their fries are great.  There are no worries about cross contamination of the fries, because they are cooked in a dedicated fryer.  Whenever I ask for a burger without the bun, I am asked if it is because of a food allergy, and offered lettuce to wrap my burger in.  Gloves are changed and every precaution is taken to keep their customers safe.  The buns and the malt vinegar are the only ingredients at Five Guys that do contain gluten.  

Last summer, I discovered Toasted on the Find Me Gluten Free App on my phone.   

Imagine my excitement to learn that I could get a gluten free gourmet cheese sandwich just two miles from my house!  You can read my review of Toasted here.  

Last summer, on our annual trip to Hilton Head, I used the Find Me Gluten Free App to find some great dining options on the island.  I would never have known about the gluten free options at WiseGuys, A Lowcountry Backyard, or One Hot Mama's American Grille if I didn't have the app.

The Find Me Gluten Free App provides its users with the following information about the restaurants listed -- reviews, links to websites and gluten free menus if available,  distance from your location, directions, addresses and phone numbers, and hours of operation.


  1. Find Me Gluten Free app is a goodie, I've discovered a few places with some tasty food nearby my office that I probably wouldn't have found without the app. Check out another app Gluten Freedom that has a built-in scanner for grocery shopping and tells you if a product is gluten free http://glutenfr.ee