Friday, July 24, 2020

Topolino's Terrace - Disney's Riviera Resort

On our recent trip to Disney World, we had dinner at Topolino's Terrace - Flavors of the Riviera, a signature dining restaurant located on the top floor of Disney's Riviera Resort.

According to Disney's website, the restaurant, "takes its name from the Italian name for Mickey Mouse." We originally booked Topolino's for both breakfast and dinner on our first full day staying at Disney's Riviera Resort, but we ended up canceling our breakfast reservation, because the menu did not look that interesting to me, and it is currently the priciest breakfast on property, because it is still a character meal.

We were the first customers in the restaurant, and because we had a party of eight, we were seated in our own private room, with this great view.

My family had to scan the QR code the restaurant provided to view Topolino's menu, but I was given a paper copy of their allergy-friendly menu, which they dispose of instead of reuse. I rarely ask to speak to a chef, but I wanted to see if other dishes on the allergy-friendly menu could be modified to be gluten free, so a chef was brought to our table. Whether I speak to a chef or not when we dine out, I always make it clear to our server that I have celiac disease, and that I have to eat gluten free.

The chef I spoke to said that he could modify the Classic Sole Meuniere for me, so that it would be gluten free. I think it was just a matter of leaving bread crumbs off the top of the dish. Sorry, when I don't write down these details right away, I find myself forgetting them when I go to write a review a few weeks later. The braised lamb shank was not marked on the menu as gluten-friendly, but I was told that it is gluten free without modification. I did not ask about the pasta dishes, but I am sure that Topolino's Terrace has gluten free pasta available, like other Disney-owned and operated table service restaurants. My husband loved his ricotta antipasto so much, I later asked our server if it could be made gluten free, and he said it can be if served with gluten free bread.

This was my first experience with the new Bloomfield Farms rolls that Disney started to introduce late last year. I had them at several restaurants, and they are definitely better than the Ener-G and Deanna's Gluten Free rolls that many Disney restaurants used to serve. I ate them with the house-made salted butter they brought to our table. The bread course at Topolino's is served with olive oil, which my dad really loved, but we always request butter too. The Bloomfield Farms rolls are incredible when heated properly, which was my experience at all Disney restaurants with the exception of Trattoria al Forno, where I often send back my bread when it is not heated well. 

I was so happy that I chose the Classic Sole Meuniere with sea beans, capers, lemon, and petite potatoes. This was one of my favorite entrees during our two week trip. The fish was super fresh, it was seasoned well, and I loved all the butter it was served with. My philosophy has always been that everything is better with butter. There is a reason my family called me the butter queen when I was a little girl.

The side of petite potatoes reminded me of the salt potatoes my mom used to make when I was a kid. Salt potatoes are small potatoes boiled in a pot of heavily salted water. They were so delicious eaten with some of the butter I had leftover from my bread.

I had the pistachio mousse for dessert, which is naturally gluten free, and includes chocolate cake, lemon curd, and Morello cherries. The chef I spoke to told me that the cake on the bottom is flourless. This dessert was not overly sweet, and not too heavy after a big meal. Sorbet and gelato are other gluten free dessert options at Topolino's.

My mom and dad both ordered the Beets Barigoule starter with white beans, watercress, garden radish, and lemon meringue. The presentation was so beautiful!

I loved my bread, entree, and dessert at Topolino's Terrace, and it ended up being one of my favorite meals during our stay this summer at Disney World. We all thought that the restaurant was beautiful, and the service and food were excellent. Several gluten-eating family members ordered the rigatoni as their entree, and loved it. My daughters shared the braised lamb shank, and said it was very good. We did save 20% on our meal with my Tables in Wonderland card.

You can read more about Topolino's Terrace, make advance dining reservations, and view their menu and hours on Disney's website.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Topolino's Terrace?


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