Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Columbia Harbour House - Magic Kingdom

Earlier today, we stopped at Columbia Harbour House, a quick service restaurant in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom, to check out their new allergy-friendly chicken tenders.

Columbia Harbour House has long been my favorite restaurant for allergy-friendly chicken tenders at Disney World, and it is featured in My Disney Top 10 - Quick Service post.  We dined there so often in the first year or two we lived in Orlando, that the managers started to recognize me when we came in.  They used to bake the chicken tenders and fries, which took about 20 minutes, but now they have a dedicated fryer, so allergy orders that are fried don't take that long to prepare.

A cast member was handing out menus when we entered the restaurant, so I asked her for an allergy-friendly menu. Gluten-friendly options at Columbia Harbour House include grilled salmon with french fries and green beans with carrots, chicken strips with french fries, and allergy-friendly brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Gluten-friendly kids' options include salad with chicken, rice noodle macaroni and cheese, and chicken strips.

I ordered the chicken strips on the kids' menu, but asked for french fries instead of the smoothie and applesauce.

I was given a pager when I placed my order, and by the time I washed my hands, found a table, and picked up some napkins and ketchup, my order was ready at the counter on a green tray, which signals that it is an allergy order.

The new chicken strips aren't really tenders anymore. I would call them chicken nuggets, but on the manufacturer's website, they are referred to as chicken chunks. The breading tasted great, and it was nice and crunchy. I also enjoyed the breading to chicken ratio.

About an hour before I sampled the chicken nuggets at Columbia Harbour House, I had a kid's portion of chicken tenders with housemade chips at The Plaza. These are the chicken tenders made by Ian's that Disney has been using for the past 2 years. I have never been a huge fan of them, so I have not eaten them on our trips back to Disney World since we moved to California. I only ordered them at The Plaza today so I could compare the two brands. I was hoping that The Plaza would have the new chicken nuggets, so we would not have to make a second lunch stop today, but that was not the case.

You can read more about the new certified gluten free chicken nuggets on my friend Sarah's website, Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free at WDW. They are dairy and egg free, but they are not soy free. The new chicken nuggets are also available at Pinocchio Village Haus in the Magic Kingdom.

You can read more about Columbia Harbour House, and view their menu and hours on Disney's website.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Columbia Harbour House?


  1. Columbia Harbour House is our "go-to" quick-service at Disney. I am not Celiac, but do have sensitivity. I didn't realize they had a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie! That excites me quite a bit :)

    1. You can find gluten free pre-packaged brownies and chocolate chip cookies at most quick service restaurants.

  2. I work in food and saw that US FOODS had rolled out this new product, but haven't had the chance to try it so I'm excited to stop in and taste it! Thanks for citing the manufacturer! :)