Sunday, January 7, 2018

Fatamorgana Gelato - Los Angeles, California

On our drive home from Disneyland yesterday, we stopped at Fatamorgana Gelato in Studio City.

The founder of Fatamorgana Gelato has celiac disease, so everything in the shop is 100% gluten free.

I rarely eat ice cream out, unless it is soft serve, because I worry that the ice cream will get cross contaminated with gluten-filled cones.

If you cannot eat dairy, Fatamorgana Gelato has you covered, with over 20 dairy free flavors to choose from.

I have not had a waffle cone since my celiac diagnosis 9 1/2 years ago, so I was super excited to eat my gelato in a waffle bowl.

After sampling a bunch of flavors, I decided on gianduia (chocolate hazelnut), cinnamon, and Bronte pistachio.  I loved eating every bite of my cinnamon gelato with the gianduia, and I saved my pistachio, which was probably my favorite flavor, for last.  The waffle bowl was so incredible, you would never know it was gluten free.

I knew gluten free options for the rest of our drive home would be hard to come by, so I decided to order a cone for the road. This time, I chose basil, walnut & honey, and ricotta cheese and citrus.  My cone, filled with the ricotta cheese and citrus gelato, tasted just like a cannoli, one of my favorite Italian desserts.

I also bought some wafer cookies to take home. I was told that they are made with the same batter as the waffle cones and bowls, and the sign says they are organic and vegan.

I really wanted to try the sushi gelato, but there was only so much I could eat on one visit, and we had a long drive home with a planned stop in Solvang, so there was no way I could take it with me.

Fatamorgana Gelato also makes a vegan version of their sushi gelato, and offers a variety of other treats, like brittle and vegan & sugar free rice-crispy treats.

Fatamorgana Gelato has several shops in Rome, which I am excited to visit this summer.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, you definitely need to stop in.  Their gelato is super creamy and full of flavor, and ranks as some of the best gelato I have ever eaten.


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