Friday, July 8, 2016

Chef Art Smith's Homecoming - Disney Springs

Disney Springs has recently added some amazing new restaurants, like D-Luxe Burger and Frontera Cocina.

For weeks, I have been seeing this sign that Chef Art Smith's Homecoming is opening this summer.  

After dining at Morimoto Asia last night, we walked by the restaurant and saw that it was open for a private event.  They let us take a look at the menu, and we were told that Homecoming: Florida Kitchen will open to the public some time next week.  I asked if they would be open Monday, our last full day in Florida before we move to California, but sadly, they will be opening later in the week.

Gluten free options are noted on the menu with a small "GF" and include the following dishes:

  • Church lady deviled eggs 
  • Shrimp jubilee - seasoned shrimp mixed with mango, avocado, sweet onion, herbs and jubilee cocktail sauce
  • Tarpon Springs Greek salad - seasoned shrimp, chopped romaine, cucumber, Kalamata olives, heirloom cherry tomatoes, shaved red onion and feta tossed with Greek dressing and served with house-made potato salad
  • Shrimp & Grits - Florida shrimp pan-seared with Tasso ham gravy and served over creamy Bradley's grits with a side of KC greens
  • Strip steak topped with Palmetto butter - 16 oz cut served with creamy mashed potatoes and dressed greens
  • Fish of the Day - fresh Florida catch of the day grilled and served with iron skillet sweet potatoes and KC greens 
  • Sides - Southern slaw, creamy mashed potatoes, cucumber salad, iron skillet sweet potatoes with caramelized cane sugar, KC Greens: braised kale and collards

I am sad that I will miss the official opening of Chef Art Smith's Homecoming next week, but I am sure we will be checking it out over Thanksgiving Break next year when we return to Orlando.

You can read more about Chef Art Smith's Homecoming on their website here.


  1. We dined there last night. After eating the deviled eggs, the Manager stopped by to share that the ham on top was fried in the same fryer as wheat and nuts). They handled the situation well, however it was upsetting that it happened. Just want to post for future celiacs who may order the deviled eggs.