Saturday, January 23, 2016

Breakfast on the Disney Fantasy

We just got back from a seven night Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy.  This was our 7th time cruising with the Disney Cruise Line, but our first on the Disney Fantasy.  You can read about my previous experiences dining gluten free on the Disney Dream and the Disney Magic here.

Most mornings, we had breakfast at the Royal Court, one of the main dining restaurants on the Disney Fantasy.  My parents enjoy table service dining for breakfast, and I prefer to dine there too, because the other restaurants that are open for breakfast are buffets.  

For dinner, gluten free options are marked on the menus at the Royal Court, Enchanted Garden, and Animator's Palate, but that is not the case for breakfast.

My extended family loves fruit, so we always pre-order several plates of fruit for both breakfast and dinner with our server.

On our last cruise on the Disney Magic, I usually ordered poached eggs with sausage and/or bacon for breakfast, but I also tried their gluten free pancakes and donuts.  I am sure that both pancakes and donuts are available on the Fantasy, but I did not ask for them this cruise.

On the first and second mornings of our cruise, I enjoyed my fruit, poached eggs, sausage, and bacon.

When I pre-ordered my third breakfast of the cruise, I asked if they had gluten free Mickey waffles, expecting to be told no, based on past experiences on the Disney Magic and the Disney Dream.  Our head server JC said I could order gluten free Mickey waffles, but I didn't want to get my hopes up, because I was convinced that I would be given frozen waffles like on my previous cruises.

Imagine my surprise when I was presented with two incredibly delicious gluten free Mickey waffles that were made in Cabanas for me, and delivered to the Royal Court.  They were slightly sweet, crunchy on the outside, and had a nice texture on the inside.  They were some of the best Mickey waffles I have ever had.

Because my waffles were made in Cabanas, my fruit was also pre-ordered from there, arriving on a Cabanas plate.  I had a chance to speak to Chef Sinclair at Cabanas later that day at lunch, and he told me that he makes the waffles with Namaste waffle mix.  He adds a little honey to the batter, which is probably why the waffles tasted so good.

We had to eat our fourth breakfast of the cruise in Cabanas, because we had an early shore excursion on St. Thomas, so there was no time for a leisurely table service meal.  My gluten-eating family ate from the buffet, while I enjoyed my pre-ordered gluten free Mickey waffles, bacon, and fruit.

If you dine at the Royal Court on the Fantasy, or its sister restaurants, the Royal Palace on the Disney Dream, and Lumiere's on the Disney Magic, you can expect servers to come to your table with large trays of delicious looking gluten-filled pastries.  I did ask for gluten free pastries on the third morning of our cruise, out of curiousity, but the server helping us that day must have forgotten about my request, and I didn't ask again, because I rarely enjoy the frozen muffins and donuts served on the Disney Cruise Line.

For our fifth breakfast, I pre-ordered Mickey waffles again, and asked if they had any gluten free pastries when we were seated in the morning.  I was brought two Udi's muffins that were still a little cold.  I gave the double chocolate muffin to my daughter Emma, who loves them, and had a few bites of the blueberry, which was decent, but not something I would eat for breakfast on a regular basis, because it is a little too sweet for me.

My waffles were a little overcooked that morning, but they still tasted good.  The following morning, they were cold and cooked way too much, so I sent them back and waited about 20 minutes for another plate of waffles.

The fruit, as usual, was amazing, and something I looked forward to every morning.

I did not pre-order my breakfast for the final morning of the cruise, because my husband and I dined at Palo the night before.  I was planning on eating a container of Straw Propeller oatmeal that I had brought with me, because I like to eat a light breakfast before I go home, but I ended up ordering scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage when we arrived at Animator's Palate, our assigned restaurant for our last meal of the cruise.  Maybe if I had pre-ordered, they could have made me gluten free waffles or pancakes.

Overall, I enjoyed all the breakfasts I ate on the Disney Fantasy, and am thankful that we had an amazing server, Massiel, who took great care of me throughout the entire cruise.

What are your favorite dishes for breakfast on the Disney Cruise Line?


  1. SO EXCITED over the waffles - especially for my kids! It's one thing the cruise line has really been missing!

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  3. My 5 year old is really hoping she can get GF Mickey waffles on our first ever cruise this summer on the Dream. I hope she can get some!

    1. Have fun! Hopefully they will be available. Just be persistent, and ask several people if someone tells you they cannot make them.