Thursday, February 12, 2015

Breakfast Mug Cake

This morning, I decided to change up my weekday breakfast routine a bit.  I usually eat Bakery on Main blueberry scone or maple multigrain muffin oatmeal, or Erewhon Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal.  I have made healthy muffins in a mug before for breakfast, but found them to be dry and unexciting.  After seeing a recipe for Paleo Breakfast Mug Cake on the blog Well Belly, I decided to make a breakfast mug cake with ingredients I had in the house.     

I was really happy with how it turned out.  The cake was nice and moist, with the perfect level of sweetness.  I ate most of it with some strawberries, and tried a couple of bites with maple syrup.  It was great both ways.

Breakfast Mug Cake


1 large egg
2 T unsweetened apple sauce
1 T almond flour
1 T gluten free oat flour
1 T flaxseed meal
2 tsp maple syrup
Optional - 2 tsp mini semi-sweet chocolate chips


Combine all the ingredients in a large mug.  Stir with a fork until well combined.  Microwave on high for 2 minutes.

Recipe Notes

I used organic grade A medium amber maple syrup, and Bob's Red Mill oat flour, golden flaxseed meal, and finely ground almond meal/flour.  I pushed the almond meal and oat flour into my tablespoon measurer pretty well when scooping it out.

You may have to adjust the cooking time, depending on the strength of your microwave.

Update - Here's a picture of my second attempt at making a breakfast mug cake with the addition of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I stirred them in after mixing the rest of the ingredients.  

This recipe was inspired by a recipe for Paleo Breakfast Mug Cake on Well Belly.  


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