Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Wave Dinner - Disney's Contemporary Resort

Last night, we had dinner at The Wave...of American Flavors at Disney's Contemporary Resort.  We have eaten at The Wave for breakfast and lunch, but this was our first time dining there for dinner.  The Wave's menus feature healthful dishes that often contain locally sourced or organic ingredients.

We were the first table to be seated when they opened, and a chef appeared right away to take my order.  All of the entrees except the lamb chops and ravioli were gluten free or could be modified to be gluten free, and there were plenty of choices for appetizers as well.

I received a basket of Udi's rolls with butter topped with Hawaiian sea salt.  The rolls were a little dry, and I would have actually preferred the Udi's bread they serve at breakfast.  

For an entree, I chose the red wine-braised short rib with butternut squash puree.  The short rib was tender, flavorful, and paired well with the butternut squash puree, which might have been my favorite part of the dish.  I enjoyed eating every bite of short rib with a little bit of the puree on top.  This entree was so good, I would definitely order it again on our next visit.  

I wasn't sure I would like the rainbow carrots that were served with my entree, so I asked for broccoli instead.  It came out completely unseasoned, so I used the butter from my bread to add some flavor.  

For dessert, I was offered gluten free carrot cake, vanilla ice cream, fruit, or a gluten free brownie or cookie.  I asked about the creme brulee, which I had eaten on a previous visit for lunch, and the chef reluctantly told me that it was an option, but said if I got three of them, there would not be enough for other guests to have them as part of the dessert trio.  When I found out that the creme brulee was eggnog flavored, I certainly didn't want three of them anyway.  

The gluten free carrot cake is very heavy on the icing, but that's ok with me, because I love cream cheese icing.  After I was done with my dessert, I found myself wishing I had just ordered the carrot cake, which is very good.  

I took one bite of the creme brulee, then gave it to my husband.  I haven't had eggnog in at least 20 years, because I don't like it, and this goes for eggnog creme brulee as well.  My husband was very excited to have a second one, because he loves eggnog, and thought the creme brulee was great.  

For a third dessert in my trio, I asked for vanilla ice cream, which I was told would be Haagen-Dazs.  From the first bite, I thought it tasted a little strange, like it was old, but when I mentioned this to our server, she apologized, but never offered to replace it with anything.  My daughters had hoped to order the gluten free brownie with ice cream, because they love the OMG...It's Gluten Free Brownies at Disney, but it turns out that they were out of them last night.  

After dinner, we walked over to the Magic Kingdom to see Cinderella's Castle, and ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Thunder Mountain at night, an experience that is not to be missed.

July 24, 2015 Update

Here are photos of The Wave's new allergy-friendly dinner menu.  Gluten free carrot cake is not listed, but I was told that it is still available.

You can make advance dining reservations for The Wave...of American Flavors, and view their menus on Disney's website here.

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at The Wave?


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