Sunday, September 9, 2018

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar - Disney Springs

During our trip to Disney World in July, my daughters and I had dinner twice at Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar in Disney Springs.

The restaurant, which is described on Disney's website as a "1940s airplane hangar turned dive bar," is themed around Jock Lindsey, Indiana Jones' pilot in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The 150-seat waterfront lounge has indoor and outdoor seating, and indoor and outdoor bars.  You can even be seated in Jocks's old steamboat, named after his pet snake Reggie. Hangar Bar does not take advance dining reservations, and you seat yourself when you enter the restaurant.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar does not have an allergy-friendly menu, but a chef will come out to speak to you about gluten free options. Insist on speaking to a chef if your server tells you there are no gluten free options, which happened to one of my blog readers in May.

On our first visit, the chef recommended some small plates to me that were naturally gluten free or could be modified to be gluten free.

I chose Doctor Astorga's Queso Fundido with a skillet of melted soft cheeses topped with fresh pico de gallo and cilantro, and corn tortilla chips.

This dish is usually served with warm flour tortillas too, but they contain gluten, so I was given extra chips, which are made in a dedicated fryer. When we are in the mood for queso fundido, we usually go to Frontera Cocina in Disney Springs, but the queso fundido at Jock's is just as good, though the dish is very different. I especially loved the chips at Hangar Bar, and the mix of cheeses they use. Frontera Cocina's queso is more solid, and it is served with warm corn tortillas instead of chips.

For my second small plate, I chose the Pakoras of Mayapore, which are deep-fried vegetable fritters in a light curry chickpea batter, served with the same amazing curry ketchup available at D-Luxe Burger, another one of our favorite restaurants at Disney Springs.

Even my daughters, who were skeptical of this dish, loved the Pakoras of Mayapore, which are made with carrots, onion, peppers, and curry powder. The first time I had them, they tasted like shoestring sweet potato fries. Like the queso fundido, it was hard to stop eating them, because they were so good.

My gluten-eating daughters loved the gluten-filled jumbo air pirate's pretzel with beer cheese fondue so much, they asked to go back to Jock Lindsey's our last night at Disney World. They were excited to sit in the diving bell on our second visit, but the restaurant was so hot, we had to sit at another table with more air flow.

I decided to order one of Jock Lindsey's non-alcoholic libations, the Diving Bell, which is lemonade and watermelon topped with lemon-lime foam. It was decent, but a little too sweet for me. On past visits with my husband, I have tried some of Hangar Bar's signature cocktails, which you can read about here.

Chef Paul, one of my favorite Disney chefs, was working at Jock Lindsey's the second night we stopped in. We discussed other gluten free options, like the Incan Tuna Tacos, which can be made as a salad, with corn chips instead of flour tortillas. Hangar Bar also has Udi's pizza shells on hand if you are in the mood for pizza, and the Gigantic Snakebite Slider can be made with gluten free buns.

In the end, I chose the same two small plates I had on our first visit, because I enjoyed them so much. My vegetable fritters were more of a fritter this time, instead of loose pieces of battered vegetables, but I enjoyed them both ways. This dish is vegan if you need to avoid dairy and/or egg along with gluten.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar does not have any dessert options, so we stopped at Sprinkles the first night for a gluten free red velvet cupcake sundae, and Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC our last night for a mocha brownie cupcake.

We had two great meals at Hangar Bar in July, and my daughters have already asked if we can visit multiple times when we return to Disney World over Thanksgiving Break.

You can read more about Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar, and view their menu and hours on Disney's website.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Jock Lindsey's?


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