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Be Our Guest - Disney's Magic Kingdom

During our trip to Disney World in July, we had breakfast at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom.

For breakfast and lunch, Be Our Guest is a quick service restaurant, but for dinner, it is a table service restaurant featuring a 3-course, price fixed menu.

I placed my order online before we had breakfast at Be Our Guest. It took me a while to find the allergy-friendly menu, but I highlighted it below for you.

When I clicked on the allergy-friendly menu, dietary preferences appeared at the top of my screen. I then checked "wheat" to see gluten-friendly menu items.

Be Our Guest does offer gluten free waffles and french toast sticks, but they are not housemade. For $25, I am not going to order toaster waffles that I can buy in the freezer section of my local grocery store.

I was disappointed to see oatmeal listed as a wheat free option on the kids menu, because every time I have asked chefs about oats at Disney, they are not using certified gluten free oats, so my advice is to avoid them.

Even though my daughters are now 13, I had read online that I could still order kids meals, and that you don't need to order a meal for everyone in your party if you would like to share dishes. I ordered the gluten-filled french toast for my girls, who do not need to eat gluten free. My daughter Katie ate most of it, and said it was very good. I would have ordered her an adult portion, but it was not an option for someone without a special diet, and I did not think my kids would be happy with gluten free french toast sticks.

Breakfast at Be Our Guest includes a plate of pastries. Because we ordered two gluten-friendly meals, we were brought a plate of teacakes from Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC in Disney Springs. The chocolate chip was my favorite, but I also enjoyed the lemon and the chocolate raspberry. My daughters received a beautiful plate of gluten-filled pastries, but barely ate them. They have been limiting their sweets since viewing a movie in science class last year about healthy eating.

I ordered the open-faced bacon and egg sandwich on millet bread for myself, minus the brie. I was disappointed that my sandwich was not served with the arugula mentioned on the menu.

I find frisee to be too bitter, so I removed it along with the tomato. I was left with poached eggs, bacon, and toast, which were quite good.

I sampled a little bit of our second gluten-friendly dish, the Feast a la Gaston, but my daughter Emma ate most of it. She was happy with the scrambled eggs, herb-roasted potatoes, sausage, apple smoked bacon, and fruit. We all agreed that the potatoes and sausage were the best part of this entree.

As I was preparing to write my breakfast review, I found pictures of our last visit to Be Our Guest for lunch on my iPad. I made a lunch reservation online yesterday, so I could see their current gluten-friendly options.

In my list of dining reservations, I had the option to place an order for Be Our Guest, which I highlighted above.

Many quick service restaurants at Disney World do offer mobile ordering, but currently, you cannot use it for special diets orders. Be Our Guest is the only restaurant that offers order-ahead dining, and thankfully, the allergy-friendly menu is included. I could have ordered breakfast at the restaurant when we arrived, but I am sure I saved us about 15 minutes by ordering ahead.

Don't be scared off by Disney's disclaimers. They are on all of their allergy-friendly menus. Yes, accidents can happen, but I feel safer eating at Disney World than any other place I vacation at in the United States. The only exception would be when I dine at 100% gluten free restaurants when we travel.

For lunch, I again clicked on the allergy-friendly menu option on the screen, and chose wheat as my dietary preference.

The potato leek soup and french onion soup appear under soups, entrees, and desserts. Hmm...not sure I would want soup for dessert, but I definitely don't want their lemon-raspberry cream puff either. The last time I ate it, I could taste the sugar substitute, and it made me so sick. I talked to a chef about it after I ate it, and learned it contains maltitol, a sugar substitute that I avoid, because of the nasty things it does to my insides. I am always careful about the OMG...It's Gluten Free Fudge Brownies at Disney too. The sugar free version has made me feel sick, so I always make sure I am served the brownie with regular sugar if I am offered a gluten free brownie.

When we checked in outside at Be Our Guest for breakfast, we were given a rose, and were put in a line for people that had pre-ordered. I did not have to wait at all to check in inside the restaurant, where I paid for my meal. The cast member who helped me collected my rose when I scanned my MagicBand, which they must have used to track our location for delivering our food. For lunch two years ago, we put our rose on the table we chose, so they could deliver our meals. 

We had lunch at Be Our Guest before we moved to California in 2016. My two favorite options are still on the lunch menu.

I have tried other entrees, but my favorite has always been the braised pork with mashed potatoes and green beans. The eight hour slow-cooked pork is tender and flavorful, and well complimented by the sides it is served with. The quinoa salad is also very good, and I have heard the sandwiches at Be Our Guest are great.

I have never tried the french onion soup at Be Our Guest, because I can never pass up their delicious potato leak soup.

My daughter Emma really wanted to eat breakfast in the West Wing, but all the tables were full. I love dining in this room, but I must admit that I wasn't happy about the thought of taking food photos in such a dark room.

We ended up sitting in the Castle Gallery, where Belle and the Beast are dancing in the middle of the dining room.

I have always liked all the art work on the walls of this room.

The Grand Ballroom is the third space you can choose to sit in for breakfast and lunch. It is the largest dining space, and it is quite beautiful, but the Castle Gallery was nice and quite in comparison, so I chose a table there.

My friend Sarah has the new three course prix fixe allergy-friendly dinner menu on her website Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free at WDW, which you can view here. You can also read her recent lunch review here. Sarah tried the french onion soup and the carved turkey sandwich, which both look really good.

Overall, we enjoyed our breakfast experience at Be Our Guest in July, and we always love dining there for lunch. You really can't beat the theming and atmosphere at Be Our Guest. I felt comfortable pre-ordering, and I was happy that my food was delivered by a manager, and that there were allergy sticks in our gluten-friendly dishes. Again, don't be scared off by Disney's use of the words gluten-friendly instead of gluten free. Their chefs take all the right precautions to keep your food safe from cross contamination.

Advanced dining reservations for Be Our Guest can be hard to come by, so book early.

You can read more about Be Our Guest, view their menus and hours, and make advance dining reservations on Disney's website.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Be Out Guest?


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