Monday, November 2, 2015

Studio Catering Co. - Disney's Hollywood Studios

Studio Catering Co. will be closing April 2, 2016 for construction of the new Toy Story and Star Wars Lands.  

Earlier today, I stopped at the Studio Catering Co., a quick service restaurant in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

I have been wanting to dine there, but we decided to eat at the ABC Commissary, because it was 90 degrees, and Studio Catering Co. only has outdoor seating.  There were fans circulating the air, but I wanted some air conditioning.

Gluten/wheat allergy-friendly options:
  • Entrees (served with apple slices or french fries) - braised brisket sandwich on a rice bun, chicken tenders, deli sandwich on rice bread
  • Dessert - allergy-friendly chocolate chip cookie, allergy-friendly brownie
  • Kids' Meals (served with carrot sticks and applesauce, and choice of small lowfat milk or small Dasani water; french fries available upon request) - chicken tenders, grilled cheese served on a rice bun

Studio Catering Co.'s allergy-friendly menu also lists options for people with milk, egg, soy, fish/shellfish, and peanut/tree nut allergies.

You can read more about Studio Catering Co., and view their hours and menu on Disney's website here.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Studio Catering Co.?


  1. Hi Alexis,

    Does Studio Catering Co. not offer the greek salad anymore? I had that on our last trip. Nothing fancy, but sometimes when you're on vaca eating the same food everywhere I just get in the mood for something simple like a salad. As always, thanks for sharing all of the gluten free Disney love.

    1. Hi Lindsay! The Greek salad is still on the regular menu. I was surprised it was not listed as GF on the allergy-friendly menu. You could ask to talk to a manager. Maybe it can still be modified to be GF.

    2. Okay, a little strange. Who knows though, maybe something changed with it and it could be modified like you said.