Thursday, August 13, 2015

Toasted - Winter Park & Lake Nona

Earlier today, I had lunch at Toasted in Lake Nona.  Two years ago, I discovered Toasted using the Find Me Gluten Free App.  Their first restaurant is in Winter Park, just a couple of miles from my house.  Toasted, a fast casual restaurant, is on my list of best restaurants for gluten free dining in Orlando, because we love their food, and they have great protocols in place to protect gluten free dishes from cross contamination.  

I was excited to see that Toasted now has a gluten free menu, and I was told they have a vegan menu too.  

At Toasted, I have always ordered one of their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, but they also have burgers, tomato soup, and salads to choose from.  All of the items marked with a red asterisk on their gluten free menu are gluten free or can be prepared gluten free with the use of gluten free bread.  

Today, I ordered the pesto chicken grilled cheese with mozzarella, pulled chicken, pesto, tomato chutney, and arugula.  My sandwich was grilled cheese perfection.  The bread was nicely toasted, and my sandwich was stuffed full of chicken coated in a delicious pesto.  The tomato chutney was a little bit sweet, and nicely paired with the other ingredients.  

I did not order any fries today, because my sandwich was plenty for lunch, but when I go to Toasted with my family, we always get two orders of their truffle oil & fresh rosemary fries, which are amazing!  They are made in a dedicated fryer, so no worries about cross contamination.  

If you are in the Winter Park or Lake Nona area, I highly recommend a visit to Toasted.  The staff is friendly, and well trained to deal with gluten free orders.  They have a separate cooktop and utensils for gluten free sandwiches.  

You can read my previous review of the Toasted in Winter Park here.  I hope in the next few months they bring back my fall favorite, the Autumn Melt, a grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar, pumpkin, bacon, granny smith apples, and dried cranberries.  The combination of flavors is amazing!  

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Toasted?  


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