Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Starbucks - Animal Kingdom

A couple of weeks ago, we had a chance to check out the new Starbucks at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Starbucks has six stores at Walt Disney World.  They are located in the Magic Kingdom on Main Street U.S.A., in Epcot in Future World, on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood Studios, and at Downtown Disney on the West Side, and in front of the World of Disney store at the Marketplace.  In the Animal Kingdom, the Starbucks is located in the Discovery Island area of the park, near the Discovery Island Allergy Kiosk.

I was happy to see that they had La Boulange gluten free marshmallow dream bars.  If you are using the Disney Dining Plan, you can use one of your snack credits to purchase a marshmallow dream bar at any of the Starbucks locations at Disney World.  

My family loves rice krispies treats, but I either have to make them at home with gluten free rice cereal, or head to a Starbucks to buy a marshmallow dream bar, which my whole family really enjoys.  

I was surprised that my daughter Katie passed up the chance to have chocolate molten lava cake at Coral Reef Restaurant last weekend in favor of a marshmallow dream bar at Epcot.  They are good, but I never pass up the chance to have gluten free chocolate cake.

None of the adorable Disney-themed rice krispies treats at Disney World are gluten free.  

Disney Parks Rice Krispies Treats are made with Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal, which is not gluten free, because it contains malt flavoring.  The malt flavoring in Rice Krispies is barley malt, which is not stated on the label, making this product a confusing one for celiacs.  The only allergy warnings are that the Rice Krispies Treats contain milk and soy, and are processed on shared equipment with peanuts and/or tree nuts.

If you are looking for a list of what is safe to drink at Starbucks, check out The Celiac Diva's blog post about gluten free beverages at Starbucks here.  You might also want to read "What Starbucks products are gluten-free?" here.

La Boulange marshmallow dream bars are certified gluten free, and contain marshmallow (corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, gelatin), crisped rice (rice, brown sugar, salt, distilled monoglycerides), corn syrup, salted butter (cream, salt), sugar, sea salt, maltodextrin, and vanilla extract.  Allergy information - contains milk.

Have you tried La Boulange marshmallow dream bars?  


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