Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Disney Parks Rice Krispies Treats

At any Disney theme park or resort, you will find an amazing assortment of Disney Parks Rice Krispies Treats.  As a celiac, I have to avoid wheat, rye, and barley, ingredients I commonly look for on food labels.  

At the end of the list of ingredients for this iced Rice Krispies Treat, you find warning statements that this product contains milk, soy and coconut, and is manufactured on shared equipment with peanuts and/or tree nuts.  Even when I don't see wheat in the warning statements, I still scan ingredients.  The words wheat, rye or barley don't appear in the ingredients list of either of the Disney Parks Rice Krispies Treats pictured, but they are still not safe for celiacs.  The Mickey shaped treat pictured does have a warning that it is manufactured in a facility which handles peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and egg, so hopefully celiacs would stay away from that one because of the risk of cross contamination.  

Disney Parks Rice Krispies Treats are made with Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal, which is not gluten free, because it contains malt flavoring.  The malt flavoring in Rice Krispies is barley malt, which is not stated on the label, making this product a confusing one for celiacs.  I am writing this post because I have seen celiacs posting pictures on social media of the Disney Parks Rice Krispies Treats that they have eaten at Disney World.  

Hopefully some day, Kellogg's will reformulate Rice Krispies to remove the malt.  They recently discontinued Rice Krispies Gluten Free Cereal, which was made with brown rice, and without the barley malt.  

If you are in the mood for a crispy rice treat, minus the gluten, head to any of the Starbucks locations at Disney World for a Marshmallow Dream Bar.  There are currently two Starbucks in Downtown Disney, and one in each theme park except the Animal Kingdom, but a Starbucks is expected to open there later this year.  You can read more about Marshmallow Dream Bars here.  


  1. Hopefully MALT FLAVORING will be an indicator, but yeah, SUPER SNEAKY for anyone with celiac disease who may not know what to look or or assume any "krispie" treat is GF. :(

  2. I read on another blog that Minnie's Bakery Rice Krispie Treats are certified gluten free at the Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom. Not sure if it's true, but it would be amazing if it were!

    1. Kimberly - That would be great, but I am not sure that is true. I will check next time I am there.

    2. I saw Minnie's Bake Shop crisped rice treats earlier this week. They contain malt, so not safe.