Friday, May 15, 2015

Cookies con Amore Glutenetto Cookies

One of my favorite Pittsburgh traditions is the cookie table at wedding receptions.  With our Italian and Catholic families, my husband and I had multiple cookie tables at our wedding, and platters of cookies at my wedding and baby showers.  At the time of all of these major life events, I was still eating gluten, but if I had to bring cookies to a wedding or shower now, I would definitely bring Glutenetto cookies by Cookies con Amore, if I didn't feel like baking cookies myself.  

I became interested in trying Cookies con Amore's gluten free Italian cookies after reading rave reviews in my private Facebook group, Gluten Free in Orlando.  Locally, several of my blog readers have found them at HomeGoods stores.  For Mother's Day, my husband ordered me the gluten free spring assortment online.

When my box of cookies arrived, I was really impressed with how beautiful they were.  Our favorite were the raspberry linzer cookies, which were buttery, and not overly sweet.  They were filled with just the right amount of raspberry jelly, and had a wonderful flavor from ingredients like natural vanilla, lemon, and almond extract.  They reminded me of the gluten-filled raspberry linzer cookies I loved as a child in Pittsburgh.  We also really enjoyed the Polentine, which are made with corn flour, and rolled with raspberry preserves.  The shortbread butterfly cookies were good, though a little sweet for me because of their powdered sugar glaze.

After tasting all of my cookies, and looking at the list of included cookies online, I realized that the box of cookies I received did not include all the options listed on Cookies con Amore's website.  I received wedding cookies, cuccidati fig cookies, and some type of sugar cookies with pink and yellow sprinkles instead of nonnine, chocolate ricciarelli, and amaretti cookies.  Because they were three of the cookies I was most interested in trying, and the reason I chose this assortment, I called Cookies con Amore.  Their explanation for the cookie swap was that they ship what is fresh that day, which is not mentioned on their website, so I asked for my money back or for them to replace the cookies.  Finally, after talking to two different people, they agreed to send me the cookies that were supposed to be in the spring assortment.  The chocolate ricciarelli, which are a traditional Tuscan wedding cookie that combines orange and chocolate with almond flavors, were amazing, and just as good as the raspberry linzer cookies, if not better.  I also loved the intense flavor of the Amaretti cookies, which are described as chewy almond macaroons made without flour.  The nonnine were very good too, with their subtle flavor of lemon.  

I did not dislike any of the cookies I tried from Cookies con Amore, but I didn't like the wedding cookies, biscottini (biscotti), reginette, or cuccidati fig cookies enough to buy them again.  I highly recommend their chocolate ricciarelli and raspberry linzer cookies, my two favorites, and their polentine, nonnine, and amaretti cookies.

January 8, 2017 Update

Yesterday, I purchased Cookies con Amore Glutenetto raspberry linzer and ricciarelli cookies at New Leaf Community Markets in Capitola, California.  The raspberry linzer cookies were just as amazing as I remembered them being, and I liked the ricciarelli cookies too, but I think I prefer them in chocolate.  

You can read more about Cookies con Amore's Glutenetto cookies, which are certified gluten free, on their website here.  

What are your favorite Cookies con Amore Glutenetto Italian cookies?  


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