Monday, May 19, 2014

Lundberg Organic Alfredo Risotto

I am writing this review of Lundberg Organic Alfredo Risotto in honor of my daughter Emma.  If you ask her what her favorite food is, she consistently says "cheese rice," her name for this risotto.  

Lundberg Organic Alfredo Risotto is gluten free and non-GMO project verified.  I usually purchase it from Whole Foods, but I have also seen it at Publix and The Fresh Market.  

The box has stove top and microwave cooking instructions, but I always cook it on my stove.  Of the top 8 allergens, this product lists that is contains milk.  

Last night, I made two boxes for six people in my medium size pot.  I start by sauteing my rice in olive oil for two minutes, then I add water, lowfat milk, and the seasoning pouches.  The box says it cooks in 20 minutes, but I find it takes a little bit longer when I am making two boxes.  

I always stir in a little extra Parmesan when it is done cooking.  This risotto is definitely best served hot, or as the box says, "piping hot."  

I love to serve Lundberg Organic Alfredo Risotto with Publix GreenWise Organic frozen steam-in-bag sweet peas.  They are great mixed together.

I am a huge fan of Lundberg products.  In my fridge and pantry, I currently have basmati, sushi, arborio, and brown short grain and long grain rice.  They are all labeled gluten free and non-GMO.  I better buy some more alfredo risotto soon, because Emma begs me to make it about once a week. 

Update - The box for Lundberg Alfredo Risotto has a new look.

What are your favorite Lundberg products?


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