Friday, May 16, 2014

All But Gluten Bakery Products

Earlier today, I received a box of All But Gluten bakery products.  I had just worked out, and was in the mood for a little snack, but ended up sampling everything.  

Lets start with the brownies, my favorite All But Gluten product.  They are amazing!  My girls are going to go crazy for these brownies when I serve them for dessert tonight.  They tasted like they had just been baked earlier today, they were not too sweet, and they had the perfect consistency.  I also enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies.  They were nice and chewy, and had the perfect amount of chocolate chips.  

Lets talk for a moment about my love-hate relationship with blueberry muffins.  Growing up, my parents would sometimes make homemade blueberry muffins with fresh blueberries, but I was never a fan, because I don't particularly like big huge exploding blueberries when I bite into a muffin.  I always preferred the box mixes my dad would make occasionally on school days for my brother and I.  The All But Gluten blueberry muffins are the type I like.  I was amazed at how moist they were inside.  My goal was only to sample a half a muffin, but I ended up eating the whole thing.  

The sliced white loaf was actually the first product I tried.  Right away, I noticed that it was nice and moist, not dry like many gluten free breads.  I think it would make really great sandwich bread, if you are into sandwiches, which I am not.  I toasted a piece, and ate it with some butter.  It was quite good.  While I was eating it, I kept wishing I had a fried egg to dip my toast in.  It would have been great!  I think this bread would work really well in my Orange Upside Down French Toast recipe.  

Here's a close up of all the products I sampled.  All four were gluten free and dairy free.  

This is the All But Gluten display in the fresh bakery section of the Baldwin Park Publix.  Locally, you can also find All But Gluten Products in Publix stores at the Market at Southside and the Shoppes at Eastwood.

All But Gluten is a Canadian company that started selling products in the United States last December.  If you would like to find out if their baked good are in your area, you can ask them on their Facebook page or on Twitter.

All But Gluten baked goods are made in a dedicated gluten free facility, and many are dairy free and kosher.  You can view their products list here.  My local Publix in Baldwin Park carries the products I reviewed, as well as cinnamon raisin loaf, whole grain loaf, coconut macaroons, and lemon poppyseed loaf cake.

All of the baked goods I tried contain soy or have a "may contain" soy statement on the package.  The ingredients lists will definitely not excite the health conscious.  I don't mind buying processed baked goods, as long as they contain ingredients I would use at home.  The chocolate chip cookies contain coconut and  high fructose corn syrup, two ingredients I try to avoid.

The brownies, my favorite All But Gluten product, contain sugar, soybean and/or canola oil, eggs, rice flour, cocoa, water, tapioca flour, natural flavor, salt, modified cornstarch, xanthan gum, and soy lecithin.

Have you tried any of the All But Gluten bakery products?

All the opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.  I received these products from All But Gluten for a possible review, no strings attached.  I only review products on my blog that I really like, and hope you will enjoy as well.  


  1. I've tried several products from All But Gluten. Unfortunately, they are so hard to find in stock where I am. I recommend the hamburger buns if you haven't had them yet. They are pretty darn great!