Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cosmos Creations

Last night, a box of Cosmos Creations premium puffed corn arrived at my house.  Even though I had already eaten dinner, and chocolate chess pie, I decided to open the bag of aged cheddar & cracked pepper puffed corn and give it a try.  It was love at first bite, and I ate the whole snack-size bag.  

It was so flavorful, and just melted in my mouth.  The aged cheddar & cracked pepper puffed corn reminded me of Pirate's Booty, but I liked it a lot better!  

Today for lunch, I was tempted to eat more of the aged cheddar & cracked pepper, but I decided to try the sea salt & butter.  It was amazing too!  

I was shocked when I read the ingredients.  Do you notice what is missing?  I was surprised that this buttery popcorn did not contain butter!  The ingredients list -- degerminated non-GMO corn meal, safflower oil, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, and natural flavors.  The sea salt & butter is gluten free and dairy free, but it is processed in a facility that uses dairy products, coconut, and tree nuts.  

If you like sea salt & vinegar potato chips, you will definitely like Cosmos Creations crushed sea salt & vinegar with pepper premium puffed corn.  I do not eat coconut, so my husband sampled the coconut crunch for me.  He said it was a little sweet for his liking, but it was good and he liked it.

Cosmos Creations also sells salted caramel, caramel, and cinnamon crunch puffed corn.  All of their baked corn creations are gluten free, trans fat free, made with non-GMO corn, and contain no kernels or hulls.

You can view Cosmos Creations' store locator here, and buy them online here.  They can also be purchased from  In the Orlando area, you can find Cosmos Creations at Sam's Club, select The Fresh Market stores, and T.J. Maxx & Marshalls.

All of the opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.  I received these products from Cosmos Creations for a possible review, no strings attached.  I only review products on my blog that I really love, and hope you will enjoy as well.


  1. I think diacetyl and acetoin, chemicals used to make something taste buttery, are considered 'natural flavors' by the FDA, since they both occur in butter. A lot of butter flavored foods use them.