Monday, June 10, 2019

Pinocchio Village Haus - Magic Kingdom

Last week, we had lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus, a quick service restaurant at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

I wanted to mobile order using the My Disney Experience app, but every time I went to finalize my order, I received an error message.

I used mobile ordering several times on our recent trip to Disneyland, and found it saved me from having to wait in line to order my food at quick service restaurants.

I took screen shots on my phone of all the gluten-friendly options at Pinocchio Village Haus for you to see, but they can also be viewed on specific restaurant menu pages on Disney's website, if a restaurant has mobile ordering and they have an allergy-friendly menu.

Some of my blog readers love the gluten free pizza at Pinocchio Village Haus, but I am a pizza snob, and quick service pizza does not interest me that much.

For customers who have mobile ordered, there is a separate entrance into Pinocchio Village Haus near It's a Small World. Thankfully, I did not have to wait in line long to place my order, and I was given a pager so I could sit down at our table to wait for my food to be ready.

In less than ten minutes, my pager buzzed, and I went to the counter to pick up my lunch. The manager made a point to tell me that my food was gluten free, and my chicken nuggets and french fries both came with an allergy stick.

Because we had a big breakfast at Kona Cafe earlier that day, and early dinner plans at La Hacienda de San Angel, my daughters and I shared my meal.

The chicken nuggets at Pinocchio Village Haus are the same certified gluten free chicken nuggets that are served at Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom. They are the best I have had since my celiac diagnosis, and we think they are way better than the gluten free chicken tenders served at other Disney owned and operated restaurants. The breading, which is nice and crunchy, tasted great, and I also enjoyed the breading to chicken ratio. You can read more about the chicken nuggets and chicken tenders served at Disney World in my Columbia Harbour House review here. The french fries at Pinocchio Village Haus are the typical quick service fries served all over Disney, and they are made in a dedicated fryer. I forgot to order the chocolate gelato on the gluten-friendly menu. Most quick service restaurants just have gluten free cookies and brownies as dessert options. We will definitely have to try the gelato in July or November when we return to Disney World.

You can read more about Pinocchio Village Haus, and view their menu and hours on Disney's website here.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Pinocchio Village Haus?


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