Friday, December 30, 2016

Sarris Candies Gluten Free Milk Chocolate Mini Pretzels

When we were living in Pittsburgh, before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I loved Sarris Candies chocolate covered pretzels.  I have eaten many varieties of gluten-filled and gluten free chocolate covered pretzels in my life, but Sarris is the best.

I love the taste of their milk chocolate, and each pretzel is coated in just the right amount of chocolate.  In general, I love chocolate covered pretzels, because they satisfy my craving for something salty and sweet.

After my celiac diagnosis, I was sad that I was not going to be able to enjoy Sarris's amazing chocolate covered pretzels anymore, but then my aunt, who still lives in Pittsburgh, saw that they were making a gluten free version, and bought me several boxes.  The gluten free variety comes in mini pretzels, and they taste just as good as the gluten-filled larger pretzels I used to enjoy.  On Instagram, I posted a picture of the pretzels earlier this week, and Sarris Candies commented, "Many of our employees prefer the gluten free pretzels, because they have that extra bit of crunch!"  My daughter Emma's review - "Best pretzels ever!"

I bought both of my daughters a box of Sarris gluten free milk chocolate mini pretzels for Christmas.  I purchased them at a store in Pittsburgh International Airport over Thanksgiving Break, but they can be ordered online here.  I am going to go order myself a box right now, because my daughters don't want to share more than one or two.  I am sure that I will have a hard time sharing too!

December 16, 2017 Update

Last week, I ordered gluten free chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate covered potato chips from Sarris Candies.

My aunt was recently told that the pretzels are no longer available in stores, but they can be ordered online. This was my first time trying the chocolate covered potato chips, and I was really impressed. They definitely satisfy my occasional need for a salty and sweet treat, and I thought they were as amazing as Sarris chocolate covered pretzels. 

You can view all Sarris gluten free products on their website here.  


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