Monday, December 26, 2016

Roy's at Pebble Beach

On Christmas day, we had a late lunch at Roy's at Pebble Beach.  Right after we moved to California in July, we had reservations to celebrate our 15th anniversary at Roy's, but ended up cancelling them because of smoke from the Soberanes Fire.  We chose this restaurant to celebrate our anniversary, because Roy's was our favorite restaurant on our honeymoon in Hawaii.  We ate at Roy's on Kauai and Maui, and always had their amazing chocolate souffle, which is described as a flourless chocolate cake with a molten hot center, raspberry coulis, and vanilla bean ice cream.  I knew the souffle was gluten free, because I have eaten it at Roy's in Orlando, and it is listed on Roy's gluten free menu, which you can view here.

Our meal started with complimentary edamame, which my family devoured before I  had a chance to ask if it was gluten free.  Right away, we did ask our server about the chocolate souffle, because it takes a while to prepare.  Imagine my disappointment when I found out that they do not use the same recipe as other Roy's restaurants, and that it has flour in it, so it is not gluten free.  It turns out that the Roy's at Pebble Beach is an independent restaurant that is run by Pebble Beach Resorts.  They did not have a gluten free menu, but gluten free options were listed on their regular menu.

Gluten free options included the dynamite-crusted scallop and Roy's original blackened rare Ahi appetizers, the local baby green salad, and Roy's hibachi salmon and ginger-soy-marinated teriyaki chicken for entrees.  I am sure other dishes could be made gluten free with some modification.

I chose the hibachi grilled salmon with rice and broccolini.  My salmon was a little charred around the edges, but it was cooked well in the center.  I added the sauce, which came on the side, to my salmon and rice.  It had a slight vinegary taste, which I enjoyed, but I could have used more of it.  I also liked the slices of ginger served on my salmon.  I thought my entree was good, but nothing special, and it was definitely overpriced.

For dessert, I could have chosen creme brulee or sorbet, but I decided to order the sweet cream ice cream bar with macadamia nut brittle and a caramelized banana.

The presentation of my dessert was beautiful, and it was incredibly delicious.  The macadamia nut brittle in the ice cream bar added a lovely crunch, and I ate every bite with a piece of caramelized banana and a little bit of chocolate sauce.

After we ate, we walked around outside and watched the sun set over Spanish Bay, and listened to the bagpiper play Christmas music.  I posted a video below.

I hope to eat at another Roy's soon, but we will not be returning to Roy's at Pebble Beach, because I want to be able to enjoy Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle with the rest of my family.

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Roy's?


  1. That’s disappointing! I was planning a trip to the same location next month, but if there’s no soufflĂ© then never mind lol! That’s the one thing I look forward to at every Roy’s I’ve visited.