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Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar - Disney Springs

On Friday, my husband and I had dinner at Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar at The Landing in Disney Springs before seeing La Nouba.  I first dined there on opening day last fall, which you can read about here.

The restaurant, which is described on Disney's website as a "1940s airplane hangar turned dive bar," is themed around Jock Lindsey, Indiana Jones' pilot in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The 150-seat waterfront lounge has indoor and outdoor seating, and indoor and outdoor bars.  You can even be seated in Jocks's old steamboat, named after his pet snake Reggie.  Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar does not take advance dining reservations, and you seat yourself when you enter the restaurant.

We also stopped in last Wednesday, after picking up our tickets to see La Nouba, Disney's Cirque du Soleil show.  Right away, I noticed the large glowing container of Reggie's Revenge, one of the signature libations at Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar.

The menu, which is found inside the Pilot's Log Book, includes food and drink inspired by Jock's travels around the world.  An allergy-friendly menu is not available, so a chef will come out to speak to you about gluten free options.

For food, Jock's only serves small plates.  Five out of the nine small plates can be prepared gluten free.  The menu is set to undergo some changes in the near future, but currently, gluten free options include Dr. Elsa's Shrimp BLT Flatbread (served on an Udi's gluten free pizza crust), Good Dates, Tanis Tacos (minus the taco shell; the Falafel is made with Cup4Cup), Brody's Brats, and Snack of Ra served with slices of Udi's pizza crust.

The drink menu is huge, and has many signature non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to choose from.   I did not see any gluten free beers on the menu, but Jock's does have Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider and Ace Pineapple Hard Cider.

On Wednesday, I decided to try one of Jock's signature cocktails, because we had some time to kill before meeting friends at Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop.

We lucked out to have James as our server, who we first met at Nomad Lounge in Disney's Animal Kingdom.  He has a great personality, and he was always looking out for me to keep my food and drinks safe.  James told me that both Reggie's Revenge and the Fountain of Youth were gluten free.  Wednesday, I had Reggie's Revenge, which contains Florida Cane Orlando Orange Vodka, Midori melon liqueur, white cranberry juice, and fresh lime juice.  The Fountain of Youth, which I ordered on Friday, features St. Augustine Florida Cane Vodka, Bols Blue Curacao, white cranberry juice, and sweet-and-sour.  Both cocktails were very good, and I would order them again.

For dinner, I ordered Dr. Elsa's Shrimp BLT Flatbread with Chermoula-spiced shrimp, Nueske's bacon, arugula, roasted tomatoes, and basil pesto on an Udi's gluten free pizza crust.  This dish was so amazing, I want to go back to Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar before we move to California in July.  It was incredibly flavorful, and amazingly good without cheese, which I am used to having on flatbreads and pizzas.  I am pretty sure this is a milk free option, because I was told the pesto is made without dairy.  The arugula was dressed nicely, and each slice had a piece of shrimp and bacon on it.

After dinner and drinks on Friday, we walked over to Sprinkles for cupcakes.  Their gluten free red velvet cupcakes are so good, and they take all the right precautions to protect against cross contamination.

After dessert and some shopping, we went to see La Nouba, which should be on everyone's Disney bucket list.  I have been to several other Cirque du Soleil shows, but La Nouba is my favorite.  I have seen it at least four times in the past 15 years, and it never disappoints.  I especially love the music, and that there is not a bad seat in the house, because the theater was constructed for Cirque du Soleil.  There were a couple of new acts since we last saw La Nouba, so my husband and I were happy we had a chance to go before we move.

I am glad that I decided to give Jock Lindsay's Hangar Bar a second chance, because there are more gluten free options now, and I love the theming and the atmosphere.  Mitch really enjoyed the Lao Che's Revenge spicy Asian sticky wings he ordered, and the Brody's Brats, which was my favorite small plate the last time I dined at Jock's.

My friend Sarah likes the Snack of Ra, which is now served with slices of Udi's gluten free pizza crust.  You can read her review of Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar here.  I ordered the Snack of Ra last fall, and loved the hummus it is served with, but did not enjoy the other salad and dips.

If you would like to try a non-alcoholic signature libation, I recommend the Diving Bell, which is gluten free.  It is Simply Lemonade and watermelon topped with a lemon-lime foam.  I really enjoyed it, and it was nice to have something sweet to drink after finishing my food when I dined at Jock's in the fall.  If you are a fan of lemonade, you will definitely like this drink.

June 27, 2016 Update

I loved Dr. Elsa's Shrimp BLT Flatbread so much, I ordered it again last Wednesday when I met a friend at Jock Lindsey's for lunch.  We also both had a Diving Bell, the perfect drink on a hot summer day.

July 11, 2016 Update

Earlier tonight, we had dinner at Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar, and noticed that the menu has undergone some changes.  The Good Dates and Snack of Ra are off the menu, and several new dishes have been added.  All appetizers can be modified to be gluten free except the fried calamari, spicy chicken wings, and the pretzels.

Dr. Elsa's Shrimp BLT Flatbread is now called Fraulein's Flatbread, but the ingredients are the same, and it tasted great, just like it always does.  My gluten-eating husband and daughters shared the Calamarion (fried calamari), Rolling Boulders Sliders (three runaway brisket meatballs with tomato-bacon jam, house-made pickles, shredded lettuce, and tomato), Air Pirate's Pretzels, and the Fraulein's Flatbread.  My husband loved everything, and my daughters were pretty pleased with all their choices as well, especially the sliders and the calamari.

While we were eating our meal, Chef Paul, one of my favorite Disney chefs, arrived at work and came out to see us.  He used to work at Boatwright's, but now is the chef in charge of food at Jock Lindsey's.  He made us one of the new dishes, the Temple Tenderloin, which is described as sliced beef tenderloin stacked on a toasted baguette with Swiss, tomato, arugula, and radish slaw served with a side of Jugo de Carne and fries tossed with bacon and chimichurri sauce.

Our sandwich was served on a Local Oven gluten free baguette.  Eaten with just the bottom part of the bread, I thought it was very good.  Local Oven bread can be a little dry, but the bottom of the baguette was pretty decent.

The fries with the chimichurri sauce were amazing!  I am not usually a fan of thick cut fries, but they were nice and crispy, and so flavorful tossed with the chimichurri.  They might be the best fries I have ever had at Disney World, only rivaled by the garlic Parmesan & truffle oil skinny chips at Raglan Road and Cookes of Dublin.  Chef Paul explained that their dedicated fryer is next to the fryer they cook gluten-filled food in, and they are drained together, so he offered to cook our fries in a fresh pot of oil.  If you are just interested in the chimichurri fries, ask to order a side of them.

Other dishes that can be modified to be gluten free include Sallah's Falafel (no naan), Rolling Boulder Sliders (no bun), Brody's Brats, and the Tanis Tuna Tacos (no tortilla shell).  Chef Paul told me that they plan on stocking gluten free buns and baguettes in the restaurant regularly with the new menu items.  Hopefully, they will also start making the spicy chicken wings with gluten free Tamari instead of soy sauce so they will be another safe option.  

You can read more about Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar, and view their menu and hours on Disney's website here.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar?


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