Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wendy's Frostys

Yesterday, we decided that we didn't want to spend our whole afternoon in the kitchen preparing our Labor Day dinner, so we kept it simple - mini turkey meatloaves, corn, and a tomato & cucumber salad.  For dessert, we were going to make our first cream cheese pumpkin pie of the season, but in the spirit of keeping it simple and enjoying our holiday, we went to Wendy's for Frostys.

Since watching Food, Inc., we really don't eat fast food, but we love a whole host of fast casual restaurants like Toasted, Chipotle, Pei Wei, and Burger 21.  Earlier this summer, I was a little shocked when my husband came home from taking our daughters our for dessert, and told me that they stopped at Wendy's for Frostys.  Last night was the first time I joined them on one of their trips to Wendy's.  I had heard that Wendy's Frostys were gluten free, but before we left, I confirmed that on Wendy's Living Without Gluten page here.

We all ordered small Frostys, which are only 99 cents each.  My daughter Emma ordered straight chocolate, which was one of my favorite treats when I was a teenager.  The rest of us ordered half chocolate and half vanilla.  Because they don't have a machine to swirl them together, the chocolate was on the bottom, and the vanilla on top, but I fixed that with a couple of stirs of my spoon.

I love soft ice cream, especially vanilla and chocolate swirled together, but I wasn't expecting to like my Frosty as much as I did.  I often find that the sweet treats I loved as I child, I no longer like as an adult, but this Frosty was an exception.  I loved it, and I look forward to more dessert trips to our local Wendy's with my family in the future.  You can view the ingredients for Wendy's vanilla and chocolate Frostys here.  The only allergen warning they have is that they contain milk, because milk, nonfat milk, and cream are ingredients in both flavors.

What is your favorite Frosty flavor at Wendy's?


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