Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Walkers Gluten Free Shortbread

A couple of months ago, I learned that Walkers was introducing a line of gluten free shortbread cookies.  I was a big fan of Walkers before my celiac diagnosis, so I was very excited to try their new cookies.    

Walkers gluten free shortbread cookies are certified gluten free, contain the same butter and sugar content as their regular shortbread, and contain no artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives.  The wheat flour has been replaced by a blend of rice flour, potato starch, and maize flour.  

When my gluten free variety pack of Walkers shortbread arrived from amazon, we decided to try the chocolate chip first.  Everyone in my family gave them a big thumbs up.  The consistency is just how I remember them being from my gluten-eating days, they are buttery, and they contain the perfect amount of chocolate chips.  

Next, I decided to try the gluten free shortbread rounds.  Without the distraction of chocolate chips, the pure buttery wonder of these cookies shines through.  Earlier today, I tried the ginger and lemon shortbread, which I enjoyed, but would not buy again, simply because I like the other two varieties better.  Out of the three, I think I probably liked the chocolate chip shortbread the best, with the shortbread rounds a very close second, but it is hard to say, because I did not sample them on the same day.  

Walkers gluten free shortbread rounds contain flour blend (rice, potato starch, maize, xanthan gum), butter, sugar, and salt.  Allergen warning: contains milk; may contain traces of tree nuts.  

Walkers chocolate chip shortbread cookies contain milk and soy, and may contain traces of tree nuts.  

The ginger and lemon shortbread cookies contain milk, and may contain traces of tree nuts.

You can read more about Walkers gluten free shortbread cookies on Walkers' website here.

April 7, 2015 Update

The Fresh Market on Mills Avenue is now carrying Walkers gluten free shortbread rounds.

June 13, 2015 Update - World Market in Winter Garden also has Walkers gluten free shortbread cookies.
 What is your favorite variety of Walkers gluten free shortbread?


  1. How do they compare vs. Schar GF Shortbread Cookies, and Pamelas GF Shortbread Cookies? I can only find the variety pack on Amazon, have you seen just the plain or chocolate chip ones?

    1. The Walkers are way better than Schar! I remember really liking Pamela's, but I have not had them in a couple of years, so it is hard to compare them. If you liked Walkers when you could eat gluten, you will enjoy the gluten free version.