Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jillycakes - Winter Park

My daughters and I first learned about Jillycakes from Cupcake Wars, which founder Jillian Hopke won in Season 6.  Jillycakes started off as an online business, but they recently opened a storefront in Winter Park, a couple of doors down from Trader Joe's.  

JIllycakes takes all the right precautions to protect their gluten free customers.  They bake gluten free cupcakes first thing in the morning, before they make gluten-filled cupcakes.  They use separate bowls and pans, and only cook gluten free cupcakes on the top shelf of the oven.  For flour, Jillycakes uses a proprietary blend created by local Winter Park chef Bob Aungst.  

Jillycakes makes two different varieties of gluten free cupcakes per day, and they are stored on the top shelf of their cupcake case on their own tray.  

Yesterday, the gluten free flavors of the day were caramel churro and peaches & cream.  

You have to check out Jillycakes on Instagram, where they regularly feature pictures of their gluten free cupcakes.  Recent flavors of the day include white chocolate raspberry, Boston cream, creamsicle, chocolate peanut butter cup, butter toffee crunch, strawberry shortcake, vanilla bean, lemon raspberry, s'mores, mocha latte, strawberry lemonade, white chocolate macadamia nut, root beer float, key lime pie, chocolate peanut butter banana, strawberry cheesecake, and caramel apple.  

Yesterday, I ordered the gluten free caramel churro cupcake.  When I explained that I have celiac and cannot eat gluten, the gentleman who helped me changed his gloves before touching my cupcake.  This cupcake is a fried cupcake, but no need to worry about cross contamination, because the gluten free cupcakes are fried first, in their own pot.  

I loved the top of my cupcake, which had been fried, then dipped in cinnamon sugar, so it definitely had that churro flavor I was looking for.  My biggest complaint about cupcakeries is that they tend to use too much frosting, and it is usually too sweet for me, but Jillycakes used the perfect amount of frosting for presentation and taste.  My only complaint is that I thought my cupcake was a little on the dry side.  

I hope to visit Jillycakes again soon when they are making chocolate cupcakes, which are always my favorite.

You can read more about Jillycakes on their website here, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see their daily gluten free offerings.

Jillycakes might be the most creative cupcakery I have visited in Orlando, and I thought their prices were very reasonable.  A box of four cupcakes, three gluten-filled and one gluten-free, was just $10 plus tax.

What are your favorite gluten free cupcakes at Jillycakes?  


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