Saturday, March 22, 2014

Qarma Crepes

March 13, 2015 Update - Qarma Crepes has moved to a new location in the University Commons Plaza near UCF and is no longer serving gluten free crepes because of low demand.  

Yesterday, we headed down to Qarma Crepes for dinner, but ended up just getting dessert.  My daughters saw the Tijuana Flats next door and decided they wanted dinner there.  My girls can be resistant to trying new things!  

Qarma Crepes is located in the Thornton Park neighborhood of Orlando.  You can view their address, phone number, and hours here.  I found Qarma Crepes on the Find Me Gluten Free App, and was shocked to see a review that said that all of their food was gluten free.  Qarma Crepes does make their crepe batter with rice flour, but they do use gluten-filled graham cracker crumbles in the Happy Camper crepe.  

When I asked about cross contamination, the employees assured me that they only cook the Happy Camper on their third crepe maker, and I could have my crepe made on one of the others.  When I asked why they are making gluten free crepes, they told me that customers in Thornton Park were asking for gluten free options several times a day, so they experimented with rice flour and liked the crepes better. 

Because I had eaten so much at Raglan Road for lunch, I decided to skip a savory crepe and try a sweet crepe, since I knew I could only eat one.  I ordered the sweet crepe with nutella, bananas, and strawberries.  I watched as it was being made and was a little concerned with how much nutella was put on the inside, so I asked that it not be garnished with chocolate sauce.  My concern was definitely warranted because this crepe was so full of Nutella that I didn't really enjoy it, and I love Nutella.  The crepe batter definitely has serious potential for savory crepes and sweet crepes, and I would try Qarma Crepes again.  

My husband ordered the Apple Cinnamon, which he really enjoyed, and I ordered my daughters the same crepe I had, but with much less Nutella.  

My daughter Emma definitely enjoyed it!  In fact, she's sitting next to me right now and just told me she loved it.  

Qarma Crepes is about two blocks from Lake Eola, so we took advantage of the chance to take a walk around the lake and enjoy the downtown area, since we are down this way so seldom.  

Lake Eola is known for having an abundance of swans, and this fellow (or lady) was taking a walk himself.

You can view Qarma Crepe's menu here.  The crepe I ordered is not listed, and I can't remember the name of it.  Note to self -- write down the name of the food I order in the future!

June 28, 2014 Update -- I just saw a post on Qarma Crepes' Facebook page that they have upgraded their batter.  The post states that "We now have two options: the same gluten-free batter we had before, and an even tastier lower-calorie batter as well."  They also posted this comment -- "We take every precaution in preparing and cooking with the two different batters, sanitizing anew before and after anyone orders gluten-free!  No incidents of cross-contamination as all of our staff have been thoroughly trained in correct procedures."

Have you been to Qarma Crepes?  Please share your experience by commenting below.


  1. Based on your review we wen ft there the past Sat. I had the BLT and my husband had the turkey, then for dessert we had the apple. All were very good and will go there often.
    Thanks for the review.

  2. Finally went to Qarma Crepes tonight and got to use our Groupon. LOVED it! Apparently Sunday nights are slow, so it was perfect for a quiet date with hubby upstairs. Also love the affordable price point. Can't wait to go back again!