Sunday, March 2, 2014

Flame Tree Barbecue - Disney's Animal Kingdom

Update  - You can read my most recent review of Flame Tree Barbecue here.

Yesterday, we had lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue, a quick service restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom.   

Thankfully, we arrived before they opened at 11:30 and got in line.  By the time we ordered, the line was very long.  

I had my Allergy-Friendly Dining Tips pamphlet from the Gardens Kiosk with me, so I already knew the gluten free options available at Flame Tree Barbecue before we arrived.  The Gardens Kiosk offers allergy-friendly snacks, and information on special dietary options throughout the Animal Kingdom.  You can read more about it here.  

On previous visits, I have ordered the smoked chicken salad or the 1/2 slab of St. Louis Ribs.  Today, I decided to order the Ribs & Chicken Combo.  Other gluten free options include the pork sandwich and the smoked turkey breast sandwich on a gluten free bun.  

The Ribs & Chicken Combo is usually served with coleslaw and baked beans, which are both gluten free, but not being a fan of either side, I asked for French fries instead.  The smoked chicken was incredibly delicious!  I love the rub they use, and the chicken was cooked perfectly.  

The ribs were good, but needed some barbecue sauce.  Make sure to ask for barbecue sauce at the counter.  The sauce they have at the condiments bar must not be gluten free, because when I asked, I was given two packets of Simply Heinz Barbecue Sauce.  

We usually have lunch at Restaurantosaurus because of my fine feathered friends here.  When my daughters were younger, they were terrified of all the wildlife wandering around in the seating area at Flame Tree Barbecue.  We thought they were finally old enough not to care, but one of my girls was worried about a bird attack the whole time she was eating yesterday.  I guess the next time we visit the Animal Kingdom, we will be heading back to Restaurantosaurus for lunch, which is no big deal, because it's one of my favorite Disney restaurants to eat gluten free chicken tenders.

Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom & Restaurantosaurus in the Animal Kingdom -- Chicken tenders and French fries (available at multiple locations in every park and at most Disney hotels).

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Flame Tree Barbecue?  


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