Monday, March 17, 2014

Pei Wei Asian Diner

When we lived in Pittsburgh, in my pre-Celiac days, we ate Chinese food with my aunt and uncle every Friday night.  When we moved to Orlando, right after my diagnosis, I was happy to discover that both P.F. Chang's and Pei Wei had a gluten free menu, and some of my favorite dishes were on it.  Pei Wei Asian Diner is owned by P.F. Chang's China Bistro.  Pei Wei is a counter service restaurant with a more limited menu and cheaper prices. 

Tonight, due to unforeseen circumstances that were out of my control, we ended up getting takeout.  I decided on Pei Wei because I was in the mood for shrimp, they have consistently good food, and it's only about 2 miles from our house.  Pei Wei has always had a much smaller gluten free menu than P.F. Chang's, but it was recently expanded.  You can view Pei Wei's gluten free menu here.  

I ordered my usual, Gluten Free Pei Wei Spicy Shrimp, which is wok seared shrimp with chile vinegar sauce, scallions, garlic, snap peas, and carrots.  I usually substitute broccoli for the carrots, but I wasn't able to do that when I ordered online tonight, so I just had snap peas.  Pei Wei gives you the choice of brown or white rice with this dish.  I ordered the original portion, but they now offer a smaller portion as well.  I love both the Pei Wei Spicy shrimp & chicken, but I usually order the shrimp because I seldom cook seafood at home, even though I love it.

Pei Wei offers five salads on their gluten free menu -- Asian Chopped Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Spicy Shrimp, Spicy Chicken & Shrimp, and the Wok Roasted Vegetable Salad.

My friend Shelley recently tried the new Wok Roasted Vegetable Salad and raved about it.

Other gluten free lighter offerings include the gluten free side salad, Vietnamese chicken salad rolls, traditional edamame, and the ginger orange edamame that I definitely need to try the next time we stop in at the Pei Wei on Colonial Drive.  We have also eaten at the Pei Wei right next to the Whole Foods on Turkey Lake Road, near Universal Studios.

Gluten free wok fresh entrees include Pei Wei spicy chicken, shrimp, or a combination of both, and Sweet & Sour chicken, shrimp, or a combination of both.

I have eaten the Vietnamese chicken salad rolls and the spicy shrimp salad on previous visits, and enjoyed both.

To see if there is a Pei Wei in your area, you can view their restaurant locator here.

You can read my review of P.F. Chang's China Bistro here

March 25, 2014 Update - I ordered the gluten free ginger orange edamame tonight.  It was amazing!  

I also enjoyed my Pei Wei Spicy Chicken & Shrimp with brown rice.  

March 29, 2014 Update 

My husband and I got takeout for dinner, and split several gluten free dishes, including the Wok Roasted Vegetable Salad.  My husband liked it a lot, and my friend Shelley loves it, but I would not order it again for myself.  

August 17, 2014 Update

Last night, Pei Wei catered our international student dinner, and a variety of gluten free dishes were ordered and set up on a separate table.  I finally tried Pei Wei's Sweet & Sour Chicken, and loved it, because it had such a wonderful gingery taste.  Next time we go to Pei Wei, I will definitely be trying their Sweet & Sour Shrimp. 

August 21, 2014 Update

Tonight, I finally tried the gluten free Sweet & Sour Shrimp.  It was good, but I definitely prefer the Pei Wei Spicy Shrimp, which has the nice spicy kick I so love.

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Pei Wei Asian Diner?  


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