Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Maple Popcorn - Disney's Magic Kingdom

Update - Maple popcorn is no longer available at the Magic Kingdom, but you can find it in Epcot at the Canada Pavilion. You can read my review here

I keep a list of foods and restaurants that I want to try or dine at again at Disney World, and the maple popcorn in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom was near the top of my list for our most recent trip.

You can find the cart that sells the maple popcorn near the walkway that leads to Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.  If you are interested, it is available in a refillable souvenir bucket.

We don't snack a lot at Disney between meals, so we decided to skip the souvenir bucket.  My daughter Emma and I quickly devoured the maple popcorn, and we would definitely get it again the next time we are at the Magic Kingdom.

It was not as sweet as caramel corn, and it was warm and a little sticky, which I really enjoyed.  The maple flavor was pretty subtle.  I checked the allergy binder to make sure it was gluten free, but did not take a picture of the ingredients.  You can view a picture of the ingredients and read my friend Sarah's review on her blog Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free at WDW.  The maple popcorn is gluten free and dairy free, like Disney's traditional popcorn.

What are your favorite gluten free snacks at Disney World?


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