Monday, February 13, 2017

See's Candies

I have loved See's Candies since I was a teenager.  My dad used to bring home a huge box of See's Candies from work around Christmas, and we had so much fun sampling everything.

The past two weekends, we stopped at the See's Candies shop in Capitola, California to do some Valentine's Day shopping.

The one pound boxes we bought contained an allergen notice that all chocolates and treats may contain traces of milk, eggs, soy, tree nuts and peanuts, because they are made on shared equipment, but according to the allergen information on their website, all See's products do not contain gluten.

There were so many Valentine's Day pre-packaged boxes of chocolate to choose from, but we prefer to go to the counter and pick our own.

My girls picked out some mini chocolate hearts and bags of sour hearts for their friends at school.  They also chose chocolate covered heart-shaped marshmallows for themselves, which they enjoyed.

For their one pound boxes, they chose mainly milk chocolate and dark chocolate covered raisins, and milk patties.  I am not a fan of raisins or anything with mint, but my husband and daughters love them.

They also liked the heart-shaped truffles they picked out, and their Scotchmallows, which are a layer of caramel with a layer of honey marshmallow covered in dark chocolate.

I chose almond truffles, California crunch, toffee-ettes, a vanilla nut caramel, and some milk pecan buds.

Toffee-ettes, which are hard toffee with roasted almonds, have always been a favorite of mine, and I regretted not getting more of them.  I recently tried See's California crunch for the first time and loved it.  They have a crunchy peanut butter center covered with English walnuts.  I also recommend See's chocolate lollypops, which are the best lollipops I have ever had, and their Scotch kisses, which are honey marshmallows dipped in buttery caramel.

See's Candies shops are easy to find in California, and when we visit our hometown of Pittsburgh, we like to stop at the See's Candies in Ross Park Mall.  In Orlando, there is a seasonal See's Candies kiosk at Altamonte Mall.  You can view See's Candies chocolate shop locator here.

See's Candies products are also available for purchase on their website.

What are your favorite See's Candies?


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