Monday, December 21, 2015

The Bald Strawberry Cake Cafe - Melbourne

The Bald Strawberry Cake Cafe is now closed.  The restaurant is still open.  

The Bald Strawberry, a 100% gluten free restaurant in Melbourne, Florida, recently opened The Bald Strawberry Cake Cafe in the same shopping plaza as their gourmet waffle cafe.  You can read my review of The Bald Strawberry here.

At the Cake Cafe, you can buy a variety of baked goods, mixes to take home, fresh organic coffee, and gluten free pasta.

Packaged mixes for the holidays include ginger cookie, sugar cookie, brownie, and cowboy coffee cake.

All the mixes are free of gluten, dairy, and egg.

While you are at The Bald Strawberry Cake Cafe, be sure to buy some Le Veneziene pasta if you have not tried it.  Many of the restaurants we dined at in New York City this summer used it, and it is our favorite brand of dried pasta.  You can read my review of Le Veneziane here.

When we stopped in yesterday, the Cake Cafe had gluten free donuts, cake, cupcakes, and cookies.

We bought two pieces of their chocolate cinnamon cake, which my daughters loved, and four sugar cookies.

After eating my favorite waffle pizza at The Bald Strawberry, I sampled the sugar cookies I purchased.  The star cookie I tried had a hint of a coconut taste, which turned me off a bit, because I don't like coconut, but the tree cookie was great, with no hint of a coconut at all.

The Bald Strawberry is worth the drive from Orlando.  After church on Sundays, we enjoy taking a walk on the beach, then heading to The Bald Strawberry for lunch.  I am happy to see them expanding with the opening of the Cake Cafe, but some day, I hope to see them open a second restaurant in Orlando.

What are your favorite gluten free baked goods at The Bald Strawberry Cake Cafe?

Address: 1280 Sarno Road, Melbourne, Florida
Hours: Friday-Saturday 11am to 4pm and Sunday 12 noon to 4 pm


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