Sunday, February 1, 2015

Discovery Island Allergy Kiosk - Animal Kingdom

Yesterday, I stopped by the Discovery Island Kiosk, also known as the allergy kiosk.  The allergy kiosk used to be located in the Gardens Kiosk, near DinoLand U.S.A., but with Flame Tree Barbecue closed for refurbishment, some changes were made.  You can now find allergy-friendly snacks, and information on special dietary options throughout the park at the Discovery Island Kiosk, which is located near Africa.  

Some of the food options at the allergy kiosk have changed since my last visit.  Their signage lists a chicken salad sandwich meal, hummus with vegetables, rice chips, gluten free doughnuts, gluten free bagel, gluten free muffin, gluten free cookies, gluten free cupcakes, fresh fruit cup, sodas, bottled water, and gluten free beer, but there are other options for sale as well.  

The chicken salad sandwich meal comes with chicken salad on gluten free bread, with spicy potato salad, and a banana.  The potato salad and the sandwich looked really good.

The allergy kiosk is now selling Udi's muffins and bagels, and Kinnikinnick cinnamon sugar and vanilla glazed donuts.  

I was really disappointed that they no longer had BabyCakes donuts, which are much better than Kinnikinnick, plus they are freshly baked on property.  Thankfully, BabyCakes is set to reopen soon in Disney Springs (Downtown Disney).  

The allergy kiosk sells three varieties of gluten free Lundberg rice chips, Enjoy Life cookies and soft baked double chocolate brownies, Rocky Mountain caramel popcorn, Surf Sweets organic fruity bears, Go Raw granola bars, and BabyCakes chocolate chip cookies.  

I highly recommend the Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC brownie cupcakes, which are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan and kosher.  

I asked for an allergy-friendly dining tips pamphlet, but they are not available now, because of recent changes to Pizzafari's menu.  Hopefully they will have them reprinted soon.  I liked seeing a list of all the gluten free options at their main quick service locations.

The Discovery Island Kiosk is a great place to stop by for allergy-friendly snacks, and to check out the allergy status of menu items around the park.  You can read my previous post about the allergy kiosk here.

I asked if the allergy kiosk would be moved back to the Gardens Kiosk when Flame Tree Barbecue reopens, but was told that the Discovery Island Kiosk was to be its new permanent home.

March 24, 2015 Update

This past weekend, I stopped at the Discovery Island Allergy Kiosk and picked up an updated Allergy-Friendly Dining Tips pamphlet. 

It provides information on food items at Pizzafari, Flame Tree Barbeque, and Restaurantosaurus that are free of gluten, wheat, egg, soy, corn, peanut, tree nut, shellfish, and fish.  Oddly enough, dairy free items are not marked on the pamphlet like they were in the past.

Menu items at Pizzafari that can be made gluten-free upon request:  pepperoni pizza, baked pasta, and Caesar salad.  Gluten-free macaroni & cheese is also available.

Most menu items at Flame Tree Barbecue can be made gluten-free upon request.  August 12, 2015 Update - the pamphlet has not been updated to reflect the recent menu changes at Flame Tree Barbecue.  

Menu items at Restaurantosaurus that can be made gluten-free upon request:  angus bacon cheeseburger, macaroni & cheese hotdog, chicken breast nuggets (you will receive my favorite chicken tenders), and the grilled chicken sandwich.  Gluten-free macaroni & cheese is also available.

Each location offers gluten free brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

I have eaten at all three of these quick service locations in Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I especially love the chicken tenders and french fries at Restaurantosaurus, and the ribs & chicken combo at Flame Tree Barbeque.  You can read my review of Flame Tree Barbecue here, and my review of Restaurantosaurus here.

Have you found the allergy kiosk to be helpful for allergy dining tips?  What are your favorite gluten free snacks at the Discovery Island Kiosk?


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