Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All From Scratch Bakery - Oviedo

All From Scratch Bakery will be permanently closing its doors on Friday, November 13th, 2015. 

Last week, we stopped at All From Scratch Bakery in Oviedo on our way home from school.  

All From Scratch Bakery is a vendor at the upcoming Food Allergy & Celiac Convention at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort on Saturday, November 22nd.  They only use natural and organic ingredients in their traditional, vegan, and gluten free desserts.  

Different scoops, pans, and mixers are used when making gluten free desserts.  All cookies are baked on parchment paper, and all gluten free cupcakes are made with liners.  They try to bake gluten free baked goods first thing in the morning, before they bake with wheat flour, or on a completely separate day.  All tables are washed and sanitized between creations, and they use a triple sink system or a high-temp dishwasher to clean everything.  

My girls and I shared the four different gluten free desserts we brought home.  First, we tried the gluten free mini pumpkin cupcakes.  We all agreed that the flavor of the cake was incredible, but it was a little dry.  The vanilla frosting was too sweet, so we had to scrape some off to enjoy our cupcakes.  Allergy warning: contains almond milk, coconut milk, and soy.  

Next up, we tried the push-up very vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting.  Everybody loved the packaging of this dessert.  We found the cake to be pretty moist, and there was the perfect amount of frosting.  Allergy warning: contains almond milk and coconut milk.  

My twins and my international student all loved the gluten free brownie.  It was so perfectly fudgy, but I would have preferred it without the chocolate chunks in it, because I like plain brownies without any add-ins.  My kids definitely weren't complaining, because this was their favorite dessert.  Allergy warning: contains egg, milk, and soy.  

We also really enjoyed the double chocolate chunk cookie, which was labeled gluten free and vegan.  It was actually my favorite dessert from All From Scratch Bakery.  I was definitely a little skeptical, because I usually don't enjoy vegan baked goods, but it had just the right amount of chocolate for me, and we liked the texture and taste.  Allergy warning: contains almond flour and soy.

Gluten free baked goods are available every day, and I was told that the fudges and toffees are gluten free.  We will definitely  have to try them on our next visit.

You can read more about All From Scratch Bakery on their website here.

They will be baking gluten free pumpkin and sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving.  Pies need to be pre-ordered by November 15th, and they will be ready for pickup on Wednesday, November 26th.

What are your favorite gluten free desserts from All From Scratch Bakery?

All From Scratch Bakery
2781 Wrights Rd, Suite 1225
Oviedo, FL 32765


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