Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Landscape of Flavors Breakfast - Disney's Art of Animation Resort

I was really in the mood for gluten free beignets at Disney World this morning, but I resisted, and tried something new for breakfast.  I have been to Landscape of Flavors in Disney's Art of Animation Resort for lunch and dinner, but never for breakfast.  You can read my previous review here.  

I love the theming of Disney's newest resort.  Everything is so bright and colorful!    

Landscape of Flavors is a quick service restaurant with several food stations.  Right away, I found a cast member who was not serving food, and asked to speak to a chef.  

Chef Tony offered me options from every station, like gluten free pancakes, waffles, and french toast.  

On my previous visit for lunch, the chef I spoke to mentioned that he could make me an omelet, since breakfast service was just ending.  

I was a little shocked about the gluten free french toast.  I don't know if I have ever been offered french toast at a Disney restaurant before.  Chef Tony told me that it is made with Udi's bread.  

I ended up ordering what I came for - the gluten free character waffles.  At first, I was a little disappointed that Landscape of Flavors is not using Cup4Cup Pancake & Waffle Mix like Port Orleans.  You can read my review of gluten free Mickey waffles made with Cup4Cup here.  

Chef Tony told me that the chefs at Landscape of Flavors use a blend of Bob's Red Mill and Namaste Pancake & Waffle Mix, and that the waffles are made on separate waffle irons to avoid cross contamination. 

My Flounder and Ariel waffles might be the best gluten free waffles that I have had on Disney property! 

They were slightly crispy on the outside, and perfectly cooked on the inside, just like I like them.  They tasted great dipped in some melted butter and syrup.  Plus, look at how cute they are!  The turkey bacon I ordered with them was pretty amazing.  I wish all Disney breakfast spots served it.  Chef Tony also offered me a choice of chicken sausage and fresh fruit, but I had eaten a bowl of strawberries at home before taking my daughters to school.  I was impressed with the fruit selection at Landscape of Flavors.  The raspberries and kiwi looked amazing!  Next time, I might order some fresh fruit with my waffles too.  

After my amazing breakfast, I headed over to Fort Wilderness to take a long walk in the shade.  On mornings like this, I am extra thankful to live so close to Disney World!

You can view Landscape of Flavor's website here.  With my Tables in Wonderland discount, my three waffles and turkey bacon cost less than $6!

Thanks to Chef Tony for making this an awesome dining experience!  I had my food in hand about 5 minutes after walking in the restaurant, and he cheerfully answered all of my questions.

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Landscape of Flavors?


  1. These are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing, you help bring some Disney to everyone! Can't wait for my trip in just 3 weeks!

  2. I am just loving your blog. I love that you can just stop by Disney for meals.. that cracks me up. We live up in Deland and I'm sure if we lived a little closer we would be there just about every day...
    These waffles are adorable. Can't wait to stop by there and try them out!!

    1. I think if we lived a little bit closer, I would be at Disney a couple of times a week! :-) Enjoy the waffles!

  3. We went to Landscape of Flavors to try these waffles this morning because of your review (thank you!!) and they were delicious just like you said!!! Crispy on the outside and cooked just right in the middle. The chef I spoke with was not as cheerful as Chef Tony unfortunately. When he asked about my allergy, he rolled his eyes when I said gluten and then made a disgusted face and sound!! It was not funny and I took offence but with gluten-free being a fad diet these days, I get this a lot. I've even been told that chefs and kitchen staff call us "glutards"! So apart from the interaction with the chef and noisy, bustling seating area, I had a yummy breakfast! I'd love to try the GF pancakes and french toast now! Thanks, Gabriella

    1. So glad you liked the waffles, but what the chef did is inappropriate. I always start my conversations with servers and chefs with "I have Celiac, so I can not eat anything with gluten." Thankfully, I haven't had anyone give me attitude that I can remember. Next time you are there, you should mention to another chef what happened. That's so "un-Disney".