Monday, April 7, 2014

Brazi Bites

This weekend, I attended the Gluten-Free Living Conference in Orlando.  I was excited to see that one of the vendors was Brazi Bites.  I have always been a fan of Brazilian cheese bread, and I had heard great things about Brazi Bites.  

After sampling all three types of Brazi Bites at the conference, I headed to the Whole Foods on Turkey Lake Road to purchase some.  I ended up buying three bags of the original Brazi Bites, even though I also enjoyed the cheese bread snacks with bacon.  Brazi Bites also makes cheese bread snacks with fire-roasted jalapenos.  They weren't bad, but the jalapeno taste was a bit strong for me, since I am not a huge fan of jalapeno.  

What I love about Brazi Bites, is that they go straight from the freezer to the oven, and take just 20 minutes to cook.  

They were the perfect side dish to go with our Palm Sunday Frittata, and cucumber & tomato salad.  My husband, daughters, and in-laws all enjoyed them. I love how they are a little bit crispy on the outside, and nice and soft on the inside.  Everyone rubbed them around in the dressing from our tomato salad.  

When I posted a picture of my Brazi Bites on Facebook last night, several of my blog readers told me how much they loved them.  Others were disappointed that they could not be purchased where they live.  You can check out the Brazi Bites store locator here.  In Orlando, they are currently only available in the freezer section at the Whole Foods on Turkey Lake Road.  (Update - they are also available at the Whole Foods in Winter Park)

If Brazi Bites are not available where you live, try Chebe Original Cheese Bread Mix.  All you have to do is add oil, shredded cheese, egg, and water to the mix, knead the dough, shape into round balls, and bake for 20-25 minutes.  I use this mix all the time to make gluten free pizza.  You can view all of my pizza recipes here.  I purchase Chebe from amazon, or Chamberlin's in Winter Park.  You can view Chebe's store locator here.  Chebe is cheaper, but with Brazi Bites, there is no work involved except turning on your oven and lining a baking sheet.  If you want your Chebe to taste like Brazi Bites, add cheddar and parmesan to the mix.

Another option is to buy some tapioca starch, and make Brazilian cheese bread from scratch.  It's actually very easy.  I have made this recipe for Brazilian Cheese Buns from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures several times.  They make great hamburger buns.  If you google Pao de Queijo or Brazilian cheese bread, you will find a bunch of recipes.

The Original Brazi Bites contain tapioca flour, eggs, milk, parmesan cheese, safflower oil, cheddar cheese, water and salt.  They are non-GMO and soy free.  You can visit Brazi Bites' website here.

What is your favorite flavor of Brazi Bites?  


  1. Pande yucca rolls by ElSembrador are in some Publix stores in the freezer section with Hispanic foods. I do not know how the price compares. They are formed rolls, frozen, unbaked, go into the oven with no other preparation.