Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cafe 118 Degrees - Winter Park

April 18, 2015 Update - Cafe 118 Degrees is permanently closed

This review has been a long time coming because my husband and I dined at Cafe 118 Degrees in Winter Park back in October.  It was recommended to us on a day my daughters happened to be going to a birthday party, so my husband and I were able to have a rare date night.  

I was really surprised my husband was willing to go once I told him that everything at Cafe 118 Degrees is raw, vegan, gluten free (except the soy sauce in the Pad Thai), soy free, and organic.  We are pretty big meat eaters, and we like our dairy.  

We ordered the Mango Mandala with kale, mango, lime, and red pepper after reading great reviews about it online.  I liked this so much, I occasionally stop in at Cafe 118 Degrees and get a Mango Mandala to go.  

For dinner, we ordered the lasagna with sun dried tomato sauce, macadamia ricotta, pistachio pesto, and zucchini pasta.  It was absolutely amazing!  It was so flavorful, and fresh, and delicious!  

We liked the spinach and beet ravioli with cashew ricotta, arugula pesto, and a pear-lime sauce, but when we go back, I'm sure we will both be ordering the lasagna.  

Most of the desserts have coconut in them in some form, so I passed, but my husband ordered the lemon tart, which he really enjoyed.  

I just had another Mango Mandala to go!

Cafe 118 Degrees exceeded all of our expectations.  I can't wait to go back and try the petite peppers -- sweet peppers, almond cheese, truffle oil, and red pepper cream.  This dish was highly recommended to us by our friend that encouraged us to visit Cafe 118 Degrees.  We passed on this dish because of my husband's aversion to almonds, but I will definitely be ordering it on our next visit, if it's available.

You can check out Cafe 118 Degrees' website here

February 8, 2014 Update

I went to Cafe 118 Degrees for lunch last week.  My friend Shelley and I both ordered the Pad Thai, which is now safe, because they are no longer using soy sauce with gluten in it.  The vegetables were great, and I loved  the addition of avocado, but neither one of us enjoyed the dressing.  

I also wasn't crazy about the petite peppers I ordered.  I am not a mayonnaise fan, and they had an odd mayo-like taste for me.  

Next time, I will stick with my two favorites - lasagne and a Mango Mandala smoothie.  


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