Thursday, January 9, 2014

Burger 21

This afternoon, my daughters and I stopped at the Burger 21 on University Boulevard for an early dinner after school.  Last May, we visited the Burger 21 in the Orlando Shoppes at Millenia, and were really impressed with their burgers and fries.  

At the counter, I asked for their gluten free menu.  There are 7 different burger options, 5 salads, french fries & sweet potato fries, shakes, floats, Woodchuck Hard Cider, coffee & espresso, and kids' options on their gluten free menu.  You can view it here.  

Burger 21 worked with the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) to create this menu.  

The condiments bar has GF labels on all the gluten free condiments.

I was happy to see gluten free barbeque sauce for my burger.  

My gluten free fries arrived at our table first.  Notice the gluten free sticker.  The fries alone would keep me coming back, because I love shoestring fries!  

I ordered the Bacon Cheesy burger with cheddar cheese, which was delivered to our table by the manager.  It was cooked perfectly - no pink, but still juicy. Burger 21 uses French Meadow Bakery gluten free buns.  I like these buns, but usually only eat my burger with the top half, partly because I got used to eating burgers without buns for years, and partly because I have a hard time finishing this huge burger with all that bread.  

Being the germ conscious person I am, I love the B clean station at Burger 21.  I can't remember ever seeing another restaurant with a hand washing station.

January 22, 2015

Last night, the Orlando Celiac Support Group had its January meetup at the Burger 21 on University Boulevard.  We were their featured charity yesterday, so 10% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to our Celiac Support Association chapter.  On her blog, Jennifer from Celiac in Orlando details all the precautions Burger 21 takes to keep gluten free diners safe, which you can read about here.

My family shared a 1 lb basket of fries, and I ordered a bacon cheesy burger with swiss this time around.  Burger 21 definitely makes the best gluten free burgers in Orlando, outside of Disney.   

I also decided to try their bananas foster shake, which I split with my husband.  My milkshake was nice and thick, but still drinkable with a straw.  I loved the caramelized banana it was served with, but I found the milkshake to be a little too sweet for my taste.  Next time, I might try the chocolate peanut butter shake instead. 

To find Burger 21 locations, you can visit their website here.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Burger 21?


  1. Great post. I also loved the hand washing station! :)

  2. It was great to meet you at the event last night, and thanks for sharing your story (and all the free food samples) with us.