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Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

Update - You can read my latest Tutto Gusto review here

Today, my daughters decided they wanted to go to Epcot with my parents, who are in town for the next week.  We decided to eat a late lunch before we got in line for the Candlelight Processional.  Our original plan was to eat at Tutto Italia or Via Napoli, but then we stopped to look at the menu for Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar.  

Tutto Gusto opened about a year and a half ago, joining Tutto Italia and Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion at Epcot.  We did dine there when it first opened, but changes have been made to the menu since then. 

Unlike Tutto Italia and Via Napoli, Tutto Gusto does not accept reservations.  We were able to be seated right away when we arrived at 1:30.  When I asked about gluten free offerings, I was brought the Tutto Italia gluten free menu, and we were told that we could order anything off the Tutto Italia regular menu too.  You can see Tutto Italia's gluten free menu and my reviews of Via Napoli and Tutto Italia here

All three restaurants in the Italy Pavilion serve the same three slices of gluten free bread, which I have not found anywhere else on Disney property.  They have potential if heated well, which is not always the case. 

The restaurants in Italy tend to send out a manager, not a chef, to discuss special diet requests.  While at Tutto Gusto, I wanted to eat something from their menu, not the gluten free menu from Tutto Italia.  The manager told me that they could make me any of the pasta dishes on Tutto Gusto's menu with their gluten free rice pasta.  I always get a little worried when I hear rice pasta, because I think of Tinkyada, which I don't like, but I decided to go for it and order the Rughetta e Patate -- pasta with arugula, potato, pancetta, tomatoes, and pecorino.  This dish is definitely in the top three pasta dishes I have had at a restaurant since being diagnosed with Celiac.  It was so flavorful, and the pasta was cooked perfectly!  I am definitely going to try and recreate this dish at home. 

Dessert was a no-brainer.  I was definitely going to be ordering the chocolate panna cotta with amarena cherries that I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago while dining at Tutto Italia.  Tutto Gusto has a smaller, less expensive portion of my new favorite Disney dessert. 

I ordered the bigger portion from Tutto Italia for myself, and my daughter Emma ate two of the smaller ones.  She loves it too! 

Tutto Gusto does look like a wine cellar.  It is dark, cool, and very rustic. 

Disney has to throw in some Christmas decorations, of course. 

The ambiance of Tutto Gusto is pretty impressive and we really enjoyed all of our food.  I think we will be going back very soon! 

After lunch, my husband got in line for the Candlelight Processional.  We knew our daughters would not tolerate the two hour wait, so we entertained them elsewhere while he held our place in line.  It is an amazing experience to hear the story of Jesus' birth at Epcot.  The choir was fantastic as always, and Whoopi Goldberg is my new favorite narrator.  She read the Christmas story with passion and injected a little of her trademark humor along the way.  A Candlelight Dining Package guarantees you a seat, but can be pricey and is not necessary.  Be prepared for long lines though without it, especially on the weekends and during Christmas week.  I want to go back and see Trace Adkins, who will be narrating December 20-22, but I am not sure my family will go for that.  :-)

February 22, 2014 Update - I noticed that Tutto Gusto had changed up their menu a bit when we stopped in for lunch today.  

The pasta dish I tried on my last visit was no longer on the menu, so I ordered the Gamberetti with gluten free pasta.  The Gamberetti is pasta served with shrimp, calabrian chili, garlic, and pomodorini.  I enjoyed it, but the Rughetta e Patate I had the last time we were at Tutto Gusto was a tastier dish.  

I showed some restraint when it came to dessert today.  I ordered the smaller portion of the chocolate panna cotta from Tutto Gusto instead of the larger one from Tutto Italia next door.  I so love this dessert!  :-)

September 14, 2014 Update

Yesterday, we had lunch at Tutto Gusto right when it opened at 11:30.  A manager came to speak to me about their gluten free options.  He told me the gluten free menu from Tutto Italia was only available at dinner, but when I said I had ordered off it for lunch in the past, he said he saw no reason why I couldn't do so again.  It wasn't a big deal though, because I wanted to order off of Tutto Gusto's menu.  

All the meats and cheeses in the display case at Tutto Gusto are gluten free, but the manager said cross contamination might be a concern, because they are stored below items with gluten.  When he mentioned that the Tuscan Pork Ribs with herbs and a balsamic glaze were gluten free, I decided that's what I wanted for lunch.

The ribs were nice and tender, and the glaze was incredibly delicious.  They appeared to be sitting on top of mini onions of some sort, which were also very tasty with the glaze.  

For dessert, I ordered the chocolate panna cotta, one of my favorite desserts at Disney, which earned a spot in my blog post The Best Thing I Ever Ate at Disney - Gluten Free Desserts.  

My daughter Kate ordered the Pomodoro pasta with tomato sauce, basil, and burrata mozzarella.  Next time, I hope to try this dish, which can be made with gluten free pasta.

November 3, 2014 Update

I had lunch at Tutto Gusto with my parents last week, and finally ordered with Pomodoro pasta with tomato sauce, basil, and burrata mozzarella.  My gluten free pasta was al dente, and I loved the burrata with the tomatoes and basil in the dish.  My only complaint is that I wish the sauce had been a little bit sweeter, but keep in mind that I usually don't like red sauce.  I enjoyed this dish, but probably would not get it again, because there are other menu items I enjoy more at Tutto Gusto.  

The chocolate panna cotta was amazing as always!

December 20, 2015 Update

The day before our cruise on the Disney Magic, my girls and I met my parents and my brother's family at Epcot.  My family loves the restaurants in the Italy Pavilion, so we ended up having lunch at Tutto Gusto.  During this visit, we were all given a copy of Tutto Italia's menu, in addition to the menu for Tutto Gusto, and I was given the gluten free menu for Tutto Italia

Tutto Italia's menu included a dish that I have never tried before, Risotto Ai Sapori Con Gamberi.  Being a lover of seafood and risotto, I had to try it.  The menu described the dish as arborio rice with shrimp and lemon zest, but it also included lobster.  My risotto was creamy and flavorful, and I was in heaven with all that incredible lobster and shrimp on top.  With a little added Parmesan, this dish was risotto perfection.  

I can't visit Tutto Gusto without ordering the chocolate panna cotta, which is available in a small size from Tutto Gusto, or you can order a much larger portion from Tutto Italia's menu.  If I hadn't been going on a cruise the next day, I would have definitely ordered the big one!  

You can view Tutto's Gusto's menu on Disney's website here.

What are your favorite gluten free dishes at Tutto Gusto?  


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