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Toledo - Gran Destino Tower at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Last updated February 17, 2020

In late July, my daughters and I had dinner at Toledo - Tapas, Steak & Seafood, a new table service restaurant on the top floor of Gran Destino Tower at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.

We were joined by Heather Wilkinson and Heather Burczynski with Middle of the Magic Travel. It was great to finally meet them in person. Heather and Heather share my love of everything Disney, and they both eat gluten free.

This post contains my photos and reviews, in addition to photos and reviews from Heather and Heather, and Heidi Brown Ball, one of my blog readers, who also dined at Toledo in July.

Photo Credit - Heidi B. 
Toledo is one of the most beautiful restaurants on Disney property, and it has fantastic views from the top floor of Gran Destino Tower.

Toledo features Spanish cuisine, including tapas, and our table happened to be right in front of their tapas kitchen.

Toledo is a Disney-owned and operated restaurant, so they have an allergy-friendly menu that lists options for gluten/wheat, milk, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, peanut, and tree nut allergies.

If a dish is listed for gluten/wheat, that means that is does not contain gluten.

Everyone at our table was ordering gluten free dishes except my daughters, who do not need to eat gluten free.

We chose not to speak to a chef the night we dined at Toledo, but that is always an option at Disney-owned and operated table service restaurants.

If you are interested in a dish that is not marked safe for gluten/wheat allergies, ask if it can be modified.

The tapas menu only has one dish labeled as gluten-friendly, but Heather and Heather were able to order the Artisanal Manchego Cheese Vertical without the grissini (breadsticks).

For tapas, we decided to try the traditional Spanish potato omelet with serrano ham and olive relish. 

I only had one small bite, because I was sharing with my daughters, but it tasted great. In the photo, there are two orders of the Spanish potato omelet. 

The Artisanal Cheese Vertical features three, six, eight, and twelve month aged Manchego with honeycomb, quince jam, and stone fruit. My daughters and I love Manchego, so we will definitely have to order this dish when we return to Toledo over Thanksgiving Break.

Heather W. said my daughter, "ate most of this so fast that I only tried a small amount of it. I don't know what Disney does to make their almonds taste so much better, but they are great paired with the Manchego cheese." 

Heather and Heather shared the heirloom tomatoes appetizer with stone fruit, farmer's cheese, fermented garlic, and torn mint. Heather W. said the, "balsamic reduction complimented the yellow and cherry tomatoes to create the perfect start to our meal."

For an entree, I chose the golden tilefish with petite potato, cauliflower, fennel, and Valencia orange sauce.

My main course was good, but not great. My tilefish was cold, and I would have loved more of the Valencia orange sauce. I chose not to send it back, because we were eating dinner way later than we usually do, and I did not want to wait for another entree.

My daughters and I enjoyed our side of olive oil potato puree with Manchego, arbequina oil, and cracked pepper.

Heather and Heather shared the scallops entree with fava hummus, olives, harissa vinaigrette, roasted carrots, and yogurt powder. Heather W. said it was one of the top three, if not the #1 dish she has ever had at a Disney restaurant. "Everything was cooked perfectly! The fava hummus and olives complimented the scallops perfectly. The yogurt powder was interesting, but the vinaigrette tied it all together."

For dessert, I decided to order the strawberry mousse Mickey tart with fresh strawberries from the kids menu. The presentation was incredible, and it tasted great too. I especially liked the the basil garnish on top.

Heather and Heather let me try their Classic Crema Catalana with Valencia orange and a chocolate tuile. If you like creme brulee, you will definitely like this dessert.

Heather's daughter ordered the chocolate avocado mousse from the kids menu without the coconut crumble, which is not gluten free. Heather W. was not a fan, but her daughter loved it, and finished it all herself.

Heidi shared this photo of the chocolate avocado mousse with strawberry sorbet from the adult menu.

She tried both the tilefish and the Manhattan filet entrees, and said she preferred the steak.

The Manhattan Filet is served with olive oil potato puree, grilled onions, dates, and sherry vinaigrette.

Heidi also ordered the heirloom tomato appetizer, and the Classic Crema Catalana for dessert. She said the desserts were fun, but really different with lots of interesting flavors.

My gluten-eating daughters loved the Toledo Tapas Bar they had for dessert, which is not gluten free. It is described as a progressive dessert tasting with the flavors of Spanish coffee, crunchy chocolate, raspberry mousse, and lemon curd.

Overall, we all enjoyed our meals, and look forward to dining at Toledo again. Views from the top of Gran Destino Tower were amazing, and if we had not been so tired, my daughters and I would have stayed to see the fireworks. Heather W. stayed there one night, and loved her room.

The new Gran Destino Tower at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort is beautiful. Looking at their rooms and lobby, it is hard to believe that it is a moderate resort. Heidi stayed there club level in July, and said that she would recommend it over all of her other club level stays at Disney World. You can view her food photos from the Chronos Club concierge lounge here.

February 17, 2020 Update

The first night of our 2019 Thanksgiving Break trip, we had dinner with my parents at Toledo. We were able to book a reservation for six about an hour before we arrived.

I started my meal with the traditional Spanish potato omelet with Serrano ham and olive relish from the tapas menu. It was decent, but not as good as on our last visit, because it was not very warm.

We all loved the Artisinal Cheese Vertical featuring three, six, eight, and twelve month aged Manchego with honeycomb, quince jam, and stone fruit.

I also enjoyed the Marcona almonds it is served with.

The chef I spoke to made me Deanna's Gluten Free rolls with olive oil, salt, and maybe a little garlic to replace the grissini (bread sticks) the cheese plate is usually served with. They were perfectly heated, and some of the best gluten free rolls I have ever had at Disney World.

For an entree, my husband and I shared the Manhattan Steak. The portion was small, but the steak was amazing, especially with the date puree on top. I liked the olive oil mashed potatoes with Manchego too, but I don't think they complimented the steak very well. I would have definitely preferred this dish with another side, like the crushed new potatoes served with the Hangar Steak, or the petite potatoes served with the black grouper.

For dessert, I could not pass up the strawberry mousse Mickey tart from the kids menu that I had on our last visit, and it did not disappoint.

Here are some photos of the allergy-friendly menu from our visit in November.

Overall, everybody enjoyed their meals at Toledo, and we would definitely return again on future visits.

We did save 20% off the cost of our meal with our Tables in Wonderland card.

Before we went back to our resort, we spent some time exploring the lobby of Gran Destino Tower, which reminded us of La Sagrada Familia, which we visited in Barcelona last summer.

You can read more about Toledo, view their menu and hours, and make advance dining reservations on Disney's website.

What are your favorite gluten free options at Toledo?


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