Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tupiniquim Brasil Crepes - Edinburgh

During our British Isles cruise on the Disney Magic, we took a shore excursion to Edinburgh.  After we visited Holyrood Palace, we had some free time to have lunch.  I did a lot of research about dining gluten free in the cities we were visiting on our cruise, so I knew exactly where I wanted to have lunch in Edinburgh.

We did not have a hard time finding Tupiniquim Brasil Crepes, because we chose "Directions" in the Find Me Gluten Free app, which takes you into your Maps app.  Thankfully, it was only short walk from where our tour bus had dropped us off in Edinburgh.

All of the savory and sweet crepes at Tupiniquim are naturally gluten free.  They are made with a blend of tapioca, maize, rice, buckwheat and potato flours, and are mixed with eggs, and milk or almond milk.  

My husband was the only one that did not order a savory crepe, choosing instead to get feijoada, which is only served on Saturdays.  Feijoada is a black bean stew made with pork ribs and smoked sausage, and it is served with basmati rice, stir fried springs greens, coarse manioc flour, and orange wedges.  My husband said it was great, and was happy he chose this dish.

My daughter Emma and I ordered the Release the Chicken crepe with chicken breast, cheese, avocado, sweet corn, and spinach.  The crepes were huge, and my gluten-eating family all agreed that you would never know they were gluten free, and they had just had gluten-filled crepes in France earlier in the week.  My first couple of bites were good, but I felt it was missing something, so I asked for a side of the mango sauce I had been offered earlier, but was afraid to get too much of on my crepe.  With more of the mango sauce, my crepe was amazing.  If my memory serves me right, it was a mango and ginger sauce with a little bit of heat from some chile peppers.

My daughter Katie liked her crepe too, which was a modified version of the Marguerita Ta Ta with sweet potatoes subbed for the avocado and spinach.  In my excitement to start eating my crepe, I forgot to take a picture of it.

All four of us ordered sweet crepes for dessert, but we could have easily shared two or three of them.  Emma and I chose the Monkey Delight with banana, cinnamon and sugar.  Katie picked the Double Chocolate with a mix of dark and milk chocolate.  Emma and I enjoyed our crepes, but they were even better with some of the chocolate from Katie's crepe.

My husband picked the Cranachan with raspberries, toasted oats, white chocolate, honey, and whisky.  I did not try it, but he said it was very good.

Overall, we had a great experience at Tupiniquim Brasil Crepes in Edinburgh.  They do not have a website, but you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  Tupiniquim is a Police Box, and only has a couple of tables that you can eat at outside.  We were lucky that the rain that was forecast held off until we were ready to leave the city.

What are your favorite places for gluten free dining in Edinburgh, Scotland?


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