Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kara's Cupcakes - California

Three years ago, we took our first family trip to California.  On that vacation, I tried Sprinkles and Kara's gluten free cupcakes for the first time.  I am a fan of Sprinkles gluten free red velvet cupcakes, which you can read about here, but I have always enjoyed Kara's gluten free chocolate velvet cupcakes a little more.

Just a few days after moving to California in July, we stopped at the Kara's Cupcakes in San Jose after having lunch at Maggiano's Little Italy.

They display their gluten free cupcakes on the counter, separate from all the gluten-containing ones, and employees change their gloves when you order them.  Like Sprinkles, they take the right precautions to avoid cross contamination when baking their gluten free cupcakes, but they have more flavors to choose from, like chocolate velvet, chocolate coconut, flourless chocolate, sweet vanilla, and vanilla coconut.

Gluten free cupcakes are put in boxes with a "gluten free" sticker.

The chocolate velvet cupcakes at Kara's have a lot of frosting, but it is light and fluffy, and not overly sweet.  The cake itself is rich and moist, which makes this chocolate lover happy.

Today, we stopped at the Kara's Cupcakes in Monterey after having lunch at P.F. Chang's China Bistro.  I was surprised to see gluten free mini cupcakes for the first time, and was told that they only make them on weekends.

I brought home mini flourless chocolate and mini chocolate velvet cupcakes.  They were both amazing, and I am not sure which one I liked better.  The flourless chocolate was a little heavier, but definitely not too dense.  It had a rich chocolate taste, and was incredibly moist like the chocolate velvet.  The chocolate velvet cupcake had a bit of a coffee taste today, which I loved.  From now on, I am definitely going to buy these two minis when they are available.  Maybe I will even try the vanilla, though I am usually not a fan of vanilla cake or cupcakes.

As far as gluten free cupcakes go, Kara's Cupcakes gets an A+ from me.  Three years ago, I tried Kara's Cupcakes at their stores in San Francisco and Napa.  You can view their other store locations, and read more about Kara's Cupcakes on their website here.

September 25, 2016 Update

Today, we stopped at the Kara's Cupcakes in Monterey after having lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  I ordered three mini cupcakes - sweet vanilla, flourless chocolate, and chocolate velvet.  I was not expecting to like the sweet vanilla, because I am all about chocolate when it comes to cupcakes, but it was actually quite good, and I liked it enough to order it again.  Last weekend, we had Kara's cupcakes at their Palo Alto store after having lunch at the 100% gluten free Asian Box.  I had to remind the employee who helped me to change her gloves, which is the first time I have had to do that in any of their stores.

What are your favorite flavors of gluten free cupcakes at Kara's Cupcakes?


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